Mission Control

Mission Control is the go-to place to monitor every aspect of the content value chain. With valuable insight into the efficiency of content operations, teams can take action to optimize content quality, consistency, and velocity.

A first in the CMS world: Mission Control

Analyze everything from a bird’s eye view

Get insight into everything that’s happening with your teams and content in one place. Stay in-the-know about the status and pace of content production with easy-to-analyze widgets, filters, and time frames.

Take action to improve how your teams work

Turn data insights into next steps. By measuring and comparing key markers of efficiency, spot frustrating bottlenecks that need your attention and make meaningful changes to how your teams work.

Allocate resources more strategically

Understand how much time it takes to create, review, and publish specific types of content. By weighing the investment against anticipated returns, it’s much easier to avoid time sinks and allocate resources to high-impact activities.

Start your day on the dashboard

Access all key insights at a glance. Check in on content progress, tasks done on time, items published on time and more in convenient, easy-to-digest view. Compare and benchmark your current and past results to iterate on your approach.

Keep tabs on all your content

Monitor the status of all content items in the platform, all from one place. Easily check if there are unresolved comments or tasks to take care of in a flash. Find what you’re looking for by refining results by contributor, workflow step, status, content type, and more.

Never lose your steady pace

Track how long content items are spending in different workflow steps. Use this insight to spot and correct bottlenecks before they turn into full-on delays. Assess the value of specific content types by evaluating effort to impact, flagging potential time sinks.

Customers value Mission Control

The content status overview in Mission Control helps us trace unresolved comments and tasks in such an easy, efficient way. Kontent.ai clearly invests in developing useful new functionality based on customer needs and feedback.

Loes HofsteeWeb Editor, Universiteit van Amsterdam

Efficient content production in the CMS for teams

Stop bouncing between different calendars, drafts, and systems. Take content from planning to publishing without leaving the Kontent.ai platform.

Leverage Author Assist to get from a blank slate to your first draft. Generate compelling copy right in the text field using your very own instructions.

Deliver consistent content across the board. Make use of user roles, permissions, and workflows to meet stringent compliance standards and mitigate risk.

Create content faster with Kontent.ai

Learn how to make content production as efficient as possible with the following resources to guide you.