Kontent is #1 in Headless CMS Satisfaction

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Our Customers Love Kontent.

Kontent customers are innovative leaders in their own fields, so helping them makes us happy. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best way to work with content. That’s what they love about Kontent and what earned us the following accolades:

  • Best Supprt Mid-Market Summer 2019

Kentico Kontent is a Leader in Headless CMS.

The G2Crowd’s Grid® Report for Headless CMS | Spring 2020 represents the democratic voice of real software users and it makes us happy and humble to see that Kontent users are satisfied.

The Headless CMS story is getting more and more popularity, and Kentico Kontent has consistently been listed as a Leader since Spring 2019.

  • 88%
    Ease of use
    Headless CMS Average: 88%
  • 90%
    Quality of support
    Headless CMS Average: 86%
  • 89%
    Ease of Setup
    Headless CMS Average: 82%

What our users say about Kontent.

Kentico Cloud provides efficiency and consistency

"We’ve been using Kentico Cloud internally and with our customers since its initial launch. Kentico Cloud provides an easy-to-use, content development environment which has provided us with a standardized templated way to gather content and work it through the typical development processes a website build goes through.

One of the things that is very big in the web world these days, is keeping content pure and simple, while creating complexity of design and action through external components such as CSS. Kentico Cloud gives us the mechanisms to develop those interfaces and create a consistency in content delivery across our various applications.”

Virgil C
CEO, Small-Business (2–10 employees)
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Ideal to speed up your go to market, easy to use, affordabe and very responsive support

“The whole platform is fast and responsive. Creating the content model is a breeze, it’s a pleasure to use. It allows non technical users to get up and running in no time.

I contacted support a few times with very specific and semi technical questions and they responded within minutes, the best customer support I have worked with. I also contact support with a feature request and after an approval flow it was implemented and I can now use the enhancement in my project.

The documentation and examples are very well written and allow you to work on integrations like webhooks without wasting time on trying to figure out how things work.”

Cedric V
Manager Digital Solutions at Delaware China, Enterprise (1001–5000 employees)
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Intuitive, flexible content management system

“The flexibility and possibilities. You can do so much with the product if you have the imagination. The ability to create granular content templates ensures consistency and helps writers focus on the research and words. Re-use of modular components supports single sourcing. Support is excellent and responsive.”

Internal Consultant in Information Technology and Services, Enterprise (1001–5000 employees)
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