Content strategy

Content strategy provides decision-making direction for all activities relating to the publication of digital content. It ensures that the business objectives for content are aligned with audience needs, so that content will be effective at achieving expected outcomes.

Content strategy determines the planning and processes that need to be in place to create and deliver useful and relevant content that will reach the intended audience at the right time.

Content strategy focuses on three core areas: direction, capabilities, and guiding principles.

  1. Overall direction for content:
    • Roadmaps for content initiatives
    • The business and customer service objectives that content must support
    • High-level, tangible outcomes content is expected to accomplish.
  2. The development of content operational capabilities that evolve into repeatable systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness:
    • The allocation of staff resources and training
    • The development and refinement of processes and practices
    • The enhancement of technical capabilities and automation
  3. Guiding principles for how content is created, including
    • An agreed process that’s followed and standards that are used when creating content
    • Commitments between functions and teams on how they will work together
    • Practices such as research and testing to ensure that customer needs are addressed as content is developed

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