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Web Spotlight

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Web Spotlight is an additional tool for focused on website management. Feel the power of a headless CMS while enabling your content creators to produce and update content in the context of your website.

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    Put your web in the spotlight

    What are the main benefits you'll get when using Web Spotlight?

    • Seeing the hierarchy of a website in a page tree
    • Creating new pages from the page tree
    • Previewing of changes in
    • Live-editing pages from the preview

    Overall, Web Spotlight brings ease to the authoring experience for website creators. As is still the engine behind Web Spotlight, you can use all of its headless CMS advantages:

    • Reusing content across all channels
    • Reusing content in different places
    • API-first content with multiple SDKs available

    What Web Spotlight looks like

    Web Spotlight is a separate section in This way, you can let your website editors work with content within the web context while other roles can work on content from its listing without thinking of the final channel.

    Web Spotlight's page preview with add and edit buttons.

    Creating new pages is then done directly from the page tree.

    Creating subpages in Web Spotlight from the page tree.

    How Web Spotlight works

    Web Spotlight brings back terms from traditional CMSs – the root item, pages, and subpages. When Web Spotlight is activated in your project, it models website navigation within your content model. The new content types serve for the page tree navigation on your website. They are also freely editable so that you can use your navigation for keeping other related data.

    Since website navigation is one of the key features of any website, we recommend incorporating the functionality right at the start of implementing your project. That's when you're evaluating how many projects you're going to need, and Web Spotlight can help you decide.

    Based on the content model, namely the Spotlight's Subpages element, Web Spotlight creates the page tree visible in The navigation can then be easily retrieved via the API. It uses the existing functionality for linked items elements. This way, developers don't need to write two separate logics for linked items and for navigation.

    To retrieve the actual content of your page, access your published content via the API and display it on your website in just a few steps.

    Combine preview and the Smart Link SDK that allows the Add buttons and edit links on preview. This enables your content creators to live edit the content directly from

    Web Spotlight as a welcome addition to

    At, we believe that headless is the right way for microservices architecture. Yet, apps are only as powerful as the people that use them. And that’s the purpose of Web Spotlight – to give website management power to business people.

    Web Spotlight is available for most subscription plans as an add-on. When it’s activated, Web Spotlight is a tight part of

    • Web Spotlight uses the existing permission model. If a user is allowed to change content items of a given content type, they can do that in Web Spotlight as well. Content that the user doesn't have permissions for is greyed out and displayed as unavailable.
    • Environments have Web Spotlight activated automatically upon their creation.
    • Cloned projects have it deactivated in the new project. The Subpages element will be converted to the Linked items element in this case. If you activate Web Spotlight for the project, the element will be converted back to the Subpages element and everything will work as expected.

    Converting existing projects to Web Spotlight

    If you have an already existing and working project, you can adjust it to use Web Spotlight. We have a tutorial focusing on this specific scenario.

    Boost your web with Web Spotlight

    Are you interested in Web Spotlight? First, purchase Web Spotlight and contact us using  at the bottom right (or click the button below) so we can activate it for you. Then enable Web Spotlight for projects you want to use as a website.

    Activate Web Spotlight

    What's next?

    Setting up projects and Web Spotlight is the introduction to the benefits of Next, think about what approach you want to choose for assets, which will affect the content model.