Qualified Partner
  • Allendale, Michigan, USA

BizStream is one of the top Kentico Xperience Gold Partners in the world, and we bring that expertise to working with Kentico Kontent. Along with our Kentico Xperience and Kentico Kontent partner statuses, we proudly tout one of the few Kentico MVPs in the United States and have over ten years of Kentico experience. Our solutions are often described as easy to use.

As a respected Kentico Partner, we were one of the first to get to dive into Kentico's Headless CMS solution. Our first Kontent implementation took us just 12 days to build and provided a 200% increase in leads. Our second implementation with Kontent included omni-channel distribution of content for customers around the United States. Since then, we've implemented multiple Kontent projects with great success in .Net, Gatsby, and JAMSTack, and even combined the power of Xperience and Kontent together. 

We're happy to help power your digital experience!

About BizStream

BizStream builds web, online marketing, and software solutions. The company specializes in .Net, Azure, Kentico Xperience, Kentico Kontent development. Alongside custom development services, BizStream has three Software as a Service (SaaS) products, including YouthCenter, CaseStream, and Toolkit for Kentico. Founded in 2001, the BizStream team comprises more than 30 developers, designers, digital specialists, support staff, and contractors. BizStream is located just outside Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

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