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Reach more customers.

Bring your websites and apps into the modern age in order to reach new customers, better serve existing ones, and generate new streams of revenue.

Kontent helps you:

  • Localize content for every region 
  • Reach customers on all devices 
  • Engage visitors throughout their journey 
  • Control the experience for your customers 
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Localize content for every region.

With Kentico Kontent, you can translate your content into any number of languages and dialects. Need to use an external translation service? Kontent plugs into your company’s workflow to send content to your translation service at just the right time. Once the translations are complete, your workflow will resume until the localized content is ready to go live.

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Customer Highlight: Jetsmart.

JetSmart Airlines was expanding their operations to new countries throughout South America and needed a content management system that could localize their content for each location and support an omnichannel experience for their increasingly mobile customer base. They chose Kontent to simplify the translation process and free their development team to transform the traveler experience from the beginning of the booking process all the way through to boarding their flight.

Reach customers on all devices.

Create content once and reuse it on your website, online store, mobile app, social media, chatbot, and any other channel. The Kontent hub delivers your content to the websites and applications you use today while ensuring each piece of content will fit any digital experiences you create in the future.

Regain control over your content Article Chatbot Mobile App Twitter Website Online store Voice assistant
Kentico Kontent has enabled us to create localized mobile experiences that simply weren’t possible with our previous content management system. We were able to translate our website content into additional languages in only two weeks, and are now generating both printable and mobile versions of our boarding passes straight from the CMS.
Aylin Ubilla, Head of Digital Conversions at JetSmart
  • Integrations
  • Fine-grained categorization
  • Global delivery

Engage visitors through each step of their journey.

Kontent transforms your website into an engaging experience by delivering contextually relevant messages to your visitors right when they need it – whether its additional product details or a nudge to take the next step on their journey with your brand. Fine-grained categorization, global delivery, and integrations with your favorite data sets means just the right content is delivered to each visitor, every time. 

Control the experience for your customers.

Need to build a landing page? Or just want to get more creative with your story? Kontent gives you the power to create and arrange the text and components needed to create any experience for your customers.


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