CMS with the most advanced ecosystem for .NET

Are you looking for a CMS with the most advanced ecosystem for .NET developers? Look no further! supports all development models and offers a sample app for each of them

The only CMS that supports Jamstack in .NET

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We’ve got you covered with 12 NuGet packages and SDKs for all endpoints

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Taste the features of the Delivery SDK

  • Strongly typed models (+ a model code generator) that offer type safety, IntelliSense, and support for Display Templates (even in the rich-text elements)

  • Support for advanced Dependency Injection scenarios

  • Support for IDistributedCache and IMemoryCache (both with sample implementations)

  • All interfaces are async-only to enable parallelization on all levels

  • Support for Reactive Extensions and Xamarin

  • Support for the IHttpClientFactory to optimize the utilization of system resources

  • An abstraction layer for simple unit testing

  • Support for IConfiguration with hot reloading via IOptionsMonitor

  • Easy debugging with Source Link, low-level access to the API responses, and DebuggerDisplay attributes

  • Compatible with .NET Standard, .NET Core and .NET 5

  • The support for .NET doesn’t end here offers packages dedicated specifically to ASP.NET.

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    Get started now from your command line

    dotnet new —install “Kentico.Kontent.Boilerplate::*”
    dotnet new kentico-kontent-mvc —name “MyWebsite”

    Get started with the platform.

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