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Are you looking for a CMS with the most advanced ecosystem for .NET developers? Look no further!

The only CMS that supports Jamstack in .NET

Thanks to the integration with Statiq, .NET developers no longer have to envy JavaScript folks for the performance of their statically generated sites. Learn more here.

We’ve got you covered with 12 NuGet packages and SDKs for all endpoints

Explore the features of the Delivery SDK

  • Strongly typed models (+ a model code generator) that offer type safety, IntelliSense, and support for Display Templates (even in the rich-text elements)
  • Support for advanced Dependency Injection scenarios
  • Support for IDistributedCache and IMemoryCache (both with sample implementations)
  • All interfaces are async-only to enable parallelization on all levels
  • Support for Reactive Extensions and Xamarin
  • Support for the IHttpClientFactory to optimize the utilization of system resources
  • An abstraction layer for simple unit testing
  • Support for IConfiguration with hot reloading via IOptionsMonitor
  • Easy debugging with Source Link, low-level access to the API responses, and DebuggerDisplay attributes
  • Compatible with .NET Standard, .NET Core and .NET 5 allows our editors to focus on their content while the User Experience Team focuses on creating the best flow for all website visitors. This means content gets created faster and it fits into whatever journey the team has designed for each audience.

Peter OlivierSenior Information Analyst, VU Amsterdam

Full support for .NET offers packages dedicated specifically to ASP.NET.

Tag helpers and middleware

Tag helpers and middleware

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