Kentico Rocks Podcast: Can a Beginner Build a GatsbyJS/Kontent site?

Kentico Rocks Podcast: Can a beginner build a GatsbyJS/Kontent site?

Ever wondered if you could build a blazing fast site running on Gatsby and Kontent with just a bit of HTML and CSS? Here’s the answer.

Zaneta StyblovaPublished on Aug 5, 2020

Have you heard of Kentico Rocks? It’s an awesome podcast hosted by our MVP Brian McKeiver about all things Kentico Kontent, Xperience, .NET, and Azure.

In this episode, Kontent’s UX Designer, Adam Amran, joins Brian to discuss the development of a new website that Adam needed for his side project, which is a collection of thinking tools and frameworks to help you solve problems, make decisions, and understand systems.

After forming the new idea for the project, creating his content model in Kontent, and settling on Gatsby as the right solution, Adam started working on the new site. Well, how did it go?

Besides that, you’ll also find out: 

  • What was the reason for abandoning Webflow?
  • Was it easy to build a GatsbyJS/Kontent site for someone who had only basic programming knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
  • Were there any challenges and dead ends along the way?

Listen to the podcast on Spotify or watch the recording below to learn all that and more:

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Kentico Rocks Podcast 34 - How easy is it for a beginner to build a GatsbyJS/Kentico Kontent site?

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