Customer Success Services Will Help You Succeed

Customer Success Services will help you succeed

Do you want to get the most out of Kentico Kontent and achieve your goals? Let us help you!

Lukas Martinak, VP of Customer Success at Kentico Kontent.

Lukas MartinakPublished on Oct 7, 2020

Weʼve been providing professional services for more than ten years. It all began with technical consulting and thousands of hours spent working with our clients like Land OʼLakes or PPG on challenging website projects. As we brought our Technical Support, Consulting Services, Customer Education, and Customer Success Management under the Customer Success umbrella back in 2015, we started to be more proactive and guide our customers towards success in many different ways. It doesnʼt matter if clients want to do the implementation themselves or if they involve an agency (preferably one of our solution partners), we love working with end-clients and agencies all around the world. 

No matter what your goals and challenges are, weʼve probably heard those before. Maybe you are:

  • building new mobile apps and redesigning your old websites like AC Milan,
  • writing documentation and trying to reuse educational content like Anaplan,
  • organizing your global and regional content like Dentsu Aegis Network
  • creating a training academy or e-learning like BMW Group,
  • managing millions of content items like Croner-i
  • or “deleting” blood cancer like DKMS.

We know the struggles with organizational silos, with changing the mindset from “web-first” to “content-first,” the struggles with collaboration between technical and business people in the implementation process on one side and marketing/content teams on the other side. We hear you. Based on our customersʼ needs, weʼve prepared new Customer Success Services subscriptions that will help you on the way. 

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We were looking for a solution that would suit content editors and allow developers to innovate at speed. Kentico impressed both our client and the technical team. It’s easy to use and helped us launch our fastest ever custom website.

Rik Wilbrink, Lead Web Development Specialist, Vrije University

Premium Support

We know that reactive email support with a one-day turnaround or filling out forms to get some help is annoying. Thatʼs why we have the chat support available directly in the product and on the website. We donʼt have an outsourced call center—you talk to in-house engineers in Europe and the US.

With the Premium Support enabled, we guarantee our response time, and you can chat with our professional help within minutes.

Professional Services

On top of the technical support, our Customer Success Managers can help you in all phases of your efforts: from the evaluation and proof of concept through the first milestones and big go-live events to internal adoption, scaling, and never-ending optimization. CSMs will orchestrate all the business and technical consulting services available to you and make sure you get access to the right people at Kentico to help you succeed. They will give you recommendations and best practices about using Kontent.

Together with our Solution Architects, CSMs will cover both business and technical aspects of your implementation to work on your project the best you can. We will advise on your architecture and infrastructure, integrations, content migration, content modeling, performance, and security. Check out the details of the Professional Services on our Customer Success Services page.


Between custom training sessions available through the Professional Services and our Docs & Tutorials, thereʼs certainly space for another layer of educational resources. Something more personalized than tutorials while more scalable than custom training sessions. Something that anyone can use, whenever theyʼre hired, and that is paced according to their abilities.

Weʼve tried to cover this area with our interactive guides inside the product. Yet from our discussions with you, weʼve seen higher demand for typical e-learning courses that you can assign to people in your organization. Thatʼs why in November weʼre launching new e-learning courses and certifications. Once you get the e-learning access enabled, it will be available to all Kontent users in your subscription.

Visit our new Customer Success Services page to learn more about Professional Services and how they can help you get the most out of Kontent!

Lukas Martinak, VP of Customer Success at Kentico Kontent.
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Lukas Martinak

Iʼve been with since 2007 and established the Customer Success department back in 2015. As VP of Customer Success, Iʼm never tired of advocating for our customers and nurturing the customer-first mindset in our executive team and beyond. Iʼm up for any challenge whether itʼs at work, on an ice hockey rink, or on a golf course! :-) Follow me at @LukasMartinak.

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