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Meet GRM Digital, our February 2024 “Partner of the Month”! Learn more about their inspiring brand story and why they stand out.

Lucie Simonova

Published on Feb 8, 2024

Meet GRM Digital

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, navigating through changes and complexities requires a true partner by your side, providing a guiding hand every step of the way. That’s why we’re celebrating GRM Digital, our February 2024 “Partner of the Month.”

GRM Digital is an award-winning, full-service web development and digital marketing agency. Since 2009, they’ve been helping world-leading brands grow by providing high-quality, robust web development, SEO, and digital consultancy, backed by in-depth research and analysis. Based in the UK, with additional offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, and Pakistan, GRM exists to enable organizations to achieve their strategic objectives through sustainable digital evolution.

What are they about?

Digital evolution, not digital transformation

GRM Digital are big on promoting the fact that digital transformation does not have an endpoint. Organizations need to continuously evolve their strategies, processes, and technology to continue delivering the best possible experiences for their customers. 

Digital Evolution represents a paradigm shift, an approach that recognizes the dynamic nature of technology. GRM Digital adopt a mindset that is open to constant change and growth. It is no longer enough to simply deliver digital solutions; for GRM, it’s essential to become partners in their clients’ digital evolution, guiding them through the complexities and challenges of the digital landscape as catalysts for change.  

A best-of-breed future 

Evolving often means staying ahead of the curve, and that’s why they champion the use of best-of-breed technology, adopting a composable API approach. This strategy not only aligns with their commitment to staying at the forefront but also enables their clients to respond quickly to technology changes. GRM Digital like to stay on the pulse of digital possibilities, empowering their clients to offer better experiences for their customers.   

We’re all about continuous improvement at GRM Digital. This hinges on our clients being able to benefit from technology advancements quickly. The API approach delivered by allows us to do that, and the partnership adds real value to our clients.

Nej GakenyiCEO & Founders, GRM Digital

Why GRM Digital 

  • GRM Digital are advocates of the best-of-breed approach, enabling organizations to use the technology that best fits their business needs 
  • GRM Digital have an enviable client retention rate as a result of their customer-centric approach. One of their clients has been with them for over 14 years! 
  • GRM Digital partners with leading technologies that can enhance your use of

Partnership in action 

The partnership between GRM Digital and has flourished in recent months, allowing GRM to bring the benefits of headless technology to more clients globally, specifically across the membership and manufacturing verticals. We are thrilled that GRM Digital officially became a Premium Partner last month!

When GRM Digital and work together, fantastic things happen. Take, for instance, a recent project involving a UK-based not-for-profit leader in the engineering sector. The organization’s website didn’t reflect its innovative spirit – it failed to capture its digital transformation, wasn’t engaging, and made it difficult to present the organization’s mission.

This is where GRM stepped in with a custom solution tailored to the organization’s specific needs. To address the challenges, the GRM team of professionals set up and configured for the website. The goal? To create a future-proof, scalable, and secure website ecosystem that could grow with the organization’s needs. And we’re delighted to say that the results speak for themselves! The new website, powered by, has been a success, delivering on all fronts and already making a tangible impact. 
But that’s not where it ends. As we write this, and GRM Digital are currently working with a leading vehicle manufacturer to migrate their entire digital ecosystem from a monolithic platform to headless CMS. 


Many compelling reasons make partnering with a smart choice. This is what GRM Digital think stands out: 

  • provides excellent support to partners and clients  
  • allows us to use the technologies and frameworks of our choice  
  • integrates seamlessly with best-of-breed technology  

Reach your digital potential with GRM Digital 

Looking for digital evolution with a flexible, customer-centric approach? Get in touch with our “Partner of the Month,” GRM Digital. Their team of 30+ digital expertswill make sure to tailor each solution specifically to the needs of your business. 

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