How to Gain a Competitive Edge over Other Insurance Companies

How to Gain a Competitive Edge over Other Insurance Companies

Although technological innovations are alluring and exciting, companies now feel under pressure to keep up with the latest technology trends. All these advances have reduced barriers to entry, so these days it's easier than ever for new companies to enter the insurance industry. With competition rising, you need to get a significant advantage over other insurance companies in order to succeed and thrive.

Yvette HastingsPublished on Nov 7, 2019

You've realized that the insurance industry is now more competitive than ever before, consumer demands are constantly evolving, and you struggle to retain your existing customers. You have to stand out, and that's impossible if you don't know how to reach out to consumers at the right time with the right message.

What Really Matters in the Digital Age

Since 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, you need to get your company to the top of the first search engine results page. There are many articles that include tips on how you can rank higher in Google, but, to put it simply, only one thing really matters right now: creating and publishing high-quality content. To satisfy today's consumers and enhance your company's online presence, you need to provide your potential customers with valuable information and relevant content.

That may sound like it's easier said than done, but this is where the above-mentioned technological innovations can step in and save the day. As an insurer, you have long struggled with multiple complicated content management systems, out-of-date content, and the inability to find and resolve inconsistencies in your texts.

The Solution to All of It

If you've never heard of Content as a Service (CaaS), let us give you a brief introduction to it. Our flexible cloud-based Content-as-a-Service solution focuses on one thing: helping you create amazing content that your audience wants and will engage with. Providing a distraction-free writing experience, Kentico Kontent helps you manage all your articles, texts, and media assets in one place.

Every insurance marketer carries a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, so why not take a bit of it off them? People in your insurance company as well as your customers will benefit from regaining control over all your content.

Collaboration Is the Key to Creating Amazing Content

Back in the 19th century, Charles Darwin said, “Those who learned to collaborate most effectively have prevailed.” He was, of course, talking about the evolution of species, but the fact is that it's nowadays impossible to achieve success without collaboration. It brings colleagues closer together, breaks down walls, boosts morale across your insurance company, and is simply more efficient than when everyone works independently.

Is there any way to create a collaborative workplace when all your content is scattered across multiple platforms? You probably don't even know where some of those brochures and articles are. Or you find it frustrating how sometimes others edit different versions of a content piece and nobody knows what the final version is.

Instead of something that slows everything down, your content can actually be the engine driving your company. With our Content-as-a-Service solution, everybody can work on the latest version, leave comments, and suggest changes. Moreover, you always have up-to-date information about your content throughout its lifecycle. The truth is that the complexity of existing content management systems limits the number of authors willing to use them. When the content creation process is suddenly so easy, you can get creative and finally collaborate with everybody who has the expertise to contribute to the content piece.

Your Offers Delivered to Any Device

According to Forrester, 68% of business buyers prefer to do research on their own, and they're doing it online. Consumers have become self-directed, and a thorough Google search will usually provide the answers they're looking for.

Hitwise's analysis of financial searches by device shows that 74% of searches for “disability insurance” comes from mobile devices. Low-income consumers, who may not be able to afford a desktop computer or a laptop, usually use their phones to find information. In fact, mobile search exceeded desktop worldwide for the first time three years ago, so the importance of mobile-friendly websites can't be stressed enough. How can consumers learn about your coverage options if they can't see your website properly on their phone?  

One of the greatest benefits of Content as a Service is smooth content delivery to any device and any channel. From mobile to smartwatches and digital assistants, the options of how consumers can get their information are seemingly endless. Fortunately, using Kontent means being able to reach your audience anywhere, at present and in the future, regardless of what new devices and ways to consume data are to come.

Content Consistent on a Global Scale

There is nothing more upsetting for consumers than when they discover inconsistencies in your offers (e.g., which unforeseen circumstances your insurance covers). To avoid this unfortunate scenario, you need to make sure that all your content is consistent on a global scale. Having one content hub makes it easy to coordinate processes and ensure every item is up to date.

Kentico Kontent is suited for enterprise-level websites and grows according to your needs. Creating content with a single CMS and delivering it to any device and any channel will enable you to keep pace with the growing expectations of your customers. A higher ROI on content production, an intuitive authoring environment, and consistent and up-to-date content are just a few of the advantages of using our CaaS solution, Kentico Kontent.

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