Talk Code with Us at Jamstackconf

Talk code with us at Jamstack Conf

Looking forward to attending web dev conferences? Then prepare popcorn, beer, and get ready for next Tuesday because thatʼs when Jamstack Conf starts. And weʼll be there.

Ondrej PolesnyPublished on Sep 30, 2020

Iʼm sure thereʼs no need to introduce the Jamstack. Jamstack Conf is a conference that connects developers with a passion for the Jamstack, static sites, APIs, headless CMSs, and everything else around them. The talks include topics around Next.js, migrating to Netlify, working with Lighthouse, and so much more including hands-on workshops on the second day.

Even though the conference is again virtual, itʼs not only about the talks. We learned this during the spring run. In our virtual booth, we talked about Kontent, but many attendees joined us to talk about their projects. About their struggles. Or to give us a hand during live coding. I honestly learned how React hooks work during the stream! We spent over 14 hours live streaming and produced a bunch of pull requests.

I hope that this is a pattern as weʼre sponsoring the conference again and I could use a hand with some projects. Yes, looking at you, Scully! But this time we outlined a few topics weʼll definitely talk about:

  • Web Spotlight - allowing editors to preview their changes in real-time
  • Vue 3 - whatʼs new and can we now properly use TypeScript?
  • Improving SEO of a Next.js site
  • Sourcebit - what is it and is data normalization a thing now?

The booth will be guarded by me and Ryan Overton. We will discuss these topics with our MVPs and all attendees that will join us either via chat or live.

The event takes place on Tuesday, October 6, and Wednesday, October 7. Donʼt forget to register—itʼs free. Canʼt wait to see you there!

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Ondrej Polesny

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