Moving to a Single Kentico Cloud Product

By Petr PalasFeb 22, 2017

Based on customer feedback, we decided to make Kentico Cloud easier for everybody. Starting from February 27, 2017, we’re merging Kentico Draft, Deliver, and Engage into a single product—Kentico Cloud. This change will provide a better user experience and simplified pricing while supporting the same scenarios we provided in the individual products.

Why This Change?

Our original plan was to provide a set of products that can be used individually or together. However, we found that the user experience, as well as the pricing model, were confusing for our customers. So we decided to simplify it significantly while preserving the option to use Kentico Cloud for various scenarios.

What Is Changing?

We will no longer provide Kentico Draft, Deliver, or Engage as individual products. Instead, we will provide subscriptions only for Kentico Cloud, and all customers can choose the subscription options most relevant to their individual scenarios. 

From the user's perspective, there won’t be any need to switch between Kentico Draft, Deliver, or Engage in the user interface—instead, Kentico Cloud will behave as a single application.

What Does This Mean for Existing Customers?

If you’re using one of our paid plans, there are no immediate changes to your subscription, and you can continue using the service without any interruption. We will contact you individually to discuss the best options for you. Don't worry, we will make sure that you won’t pay extra for the service you are using for your current projects.

What Do the New Plans Look Like?

You can find all details on the new Pricing page.

There will be three Kentico Cloud plans:

Pricing plans
Pricing plans

(see the Pricing page for more details)

What Features Are Included in Each Plan?

The product features are the same for all plans, at this moment, but there may be more differences in the future as we introduce some advanced functionality. The Professional plan comes with Professional support while the Enterprise plan comes with 24/7 priority support, SLA, and additional services for mission critical projects.

Pricing features
Pricing features

(see the Pricing page for more details)

What Usage Limits Are Included in Each Plan?

We simplified the pricing to just three main metrics: 

  • users
  • content API calls 
  • tracked visitors

Each plan comes with a certain number of users, API calls, and tracked visitors, but you can purchase extra if your usage exceeds these limits.

Please note that you only pay for tracked visitors if you use the customer engagement features, such as personalization (the original Engage product). It means you don’t need to worry about the number of visitors if you’re using Kentico Cloud only for content production and content delivery. Similarly, if you only use the customer engagement features, you don’t need to worry about the number of Content API calls.

Kentico Kontent

(see the Pricing page for more details)

How Does the New Model Work for Individual Scenarios?

Here are some examples of how the new model fits the previous scenarios:

Kentico Draft

Let’s say you’re using Kentico Draft today with nine users. You pay for two five-user packages—a total of $98 per month. With the new pricing, you will only need to use the Kentico Cloud Free plan. It comes with three users, and you will purchase six additional users for $60 per month. You don’t need to pay for Content API calls or Tracked Visitors if you’re using Kentico Cloud only for content production and you import the content into a traditional CMS.

Please note that with the new Kentico Cloud model, you can only use one subscription for a single company. So, if you're an agency, you need to get a separate subscription for each client.

Kentico Deliver

Let’s say you’re using the Kentico Deliver Standard plan today with five users and you make 100,000 API calls per month. You pay $99 per month. With the new model, you can go with the Free plan and add two more users at $10 each and $5 for the API calls. Your total is $25 per month. If you also want to get technical support, you may decide to go with our Professional plan.

Kentico Engage

Let’s say you’re using the Kentico Engage Standard plan with three users and you have 700 named contacts. You pay $99 per month. The new Kentico Cloud pricing is based on tracked visitors rather than named contacts. Depending on your conversion rate between anonymous and named visitors, this may impact your price. If your ratio is 100 visitors to five named contacts (5% conversion rate), you will need 700/0.05 = 14,000 tracked visitors. You can use the Free plan that comes with 1,000 tracked visitors and add 13,000 visitors for 13 × $5 = $65. 

Are There Any Other Limits?

There’s also a Fair Use Policy for Free and Professional Plan customers. We set the limits for this policy in a way that should fit the majority of our customers. If you don’t fit within these numbers, we will discuss an upgrade to a higher plan with you. The following limits apply for every monthly billing period:

Free PlanProfessional Plan
Content entries2,500 per every user account2,500 per every user account
Asset storage10 GB per every user account10 GB per every user account
Bandwidth100 GB1 TB

(see the Fair Use Policy for more details)

Need to Know More?

If you’d like to ask any additional questions, please use the chat window in the bottom right corner of the screen or send us an email at

Written by
Petr Palas

I am the founder and CEO of Kentico. I started the company back in 2004 with a clear goal: to provide businesses and digital agencies with a CMS solution that would make their lives easier.

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