Kontent.ai introduces industry’s first CMS with native AI capabilities

Kontent.ai announces native AI capabilities that will further transform how organizations manage their entire content value chain.

Vojtech Boril

Published on Jun 15, 2023

Kontent.ai introduces industry’s first CMS with native AI capabilities

NEW YORK and BRNO, Czech Republic--June 15, 2023--Industry-leading headless CMS Kontent.ai today announced native AI capabilities that will further transform an organization’s ability to have complete control over their content and operations. Building native AI-powered skills into Kontent.ai is an evolution of the solution, designed to meet evolving customer and market needs.

Unlike other solutions, Kontent.ai delivers the first and only context-aware AI that is fully integrated into the product. This provides control of content from ideation to editing to customer experience in real-time, showing what content will look like on your own websites and applications. As demands for content across organizations increase, teams struggle to manage, maintain, and govern content at scale. Kontent.ai solves this challenge in a single solution.

“Native AI skills inside Kontent.ai leverage the power of artificial intelligence while minimizing the risks often associated with it,” said Petr Palas, Founder, Kontent.ai. “Content management challenges will only increase as more content is generated with the adoption of AI. However, we anticipated this and built a solution that works across the organization for the marketer, the developer, and the content creator.

Benefits of native AI skills include:

  • Increased efficiency: Improve all stages of the content management process from creation to review with the power and speed of AI
  • Faster time to value: Leverage native AI skills immediately without the need for external integrations, plug-ins, or development resources within a headless CMS
  • Consistency at scale: Develop core content, versions, style, tone of voice, and more instantly
  • Simplified content governance: Safeguard brand and content guidelines seamlessly

“The vision and innovation of Kontent.ai is what makes them a trusted partner,” reports Michael D’Orio, VP of Marketing from American Bath Group. “As a long-term customer, who just won the MACH Impact Awards for Best Overall Change Product by the MACH Alliance, we’ve reached new levels of success with Kontent.ai and look forward to the newest solution.”

Learn more about the native AI capabilities of Kontent.ai on the upcoming webinar June 20, 2023. An early access program for current customers is available, join the waitlist here. 

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