Kontent.ai’s new Trust Center: Your assurance in a digital world

In the ever-evolving digital world, where content is king, the security and privacy of data are the scepters that rule the realm.

Matej Zachar

Published on May 27, 2024

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Content creators, content managers, and marketers are tasked with the critical mission of safeguarding sensitive information while delivering compelling narratives. The general public, ever hungry for engaging and personalized content, are the beneficiaries of their efforts. All parties involved need to have an assurance of supply chain security and privacy management throughout the content lifecycle.

Supply chain security and privacy management

The digital supply chain is a complex web of interactions involving numerous third parties, each handling sensitive data that could potentially impact your brand and customer trust. In this intricate network, one weak link can compromise the entire chain. Customers need assurance that they are onboarding the right suppliers who not only understand the importance of data security but also practice it with the highest standards.

The importance of regulatory compliance cannot be overstated. With regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA setting the bar for data protection, it’s imperative for organizations to ensure that their third-party suppliers are compliant. Establishing trust is not just about meeting these regulatory requirements; it’s about demonstrating to customers that their data is held to the same stringent standards they expect from themselves.

Kontent.ai Trust Center—a treasure trove of compliance artifacts

Recognizing the critical need for transparency and trust, Kontent.ai introduces the Trust Center—a comprehensive one-stop shop for all security, privacy, governance, and compliance information related to Kontent.ai. The Trust Center has been created in line with Kontent.ai’s commitment to transparency in operation, and security of customer data. 

Kontent.ai's Trust Center with a lot of useful resources

The Trust Center houses a wealth of compliance artifacts, including downloadable audit reports, certifications, penetration testing results, pre-answered questionnaires (e.g. CAIQ), security rankings, policy samples, and more. These documents are not just for show; they serve as proof of Kontent.ai’s security practices.

Understanding the sensitivity of these documents, the Trust Center ensures that they are shared securely over an encrypted connection, with proper contractual documentation such as NDAs in place.

How  you can engage

Kontent.ai encourages both existing and prospective customers to utilize the Trust Center as a key resource during their (re-)evaluation process. It’s not just a repository of documents but a platform for building a relationship based on trust and transparency.

The Trust Center can be accessed via: https://trustcenter.kontent.ai

Your insights are of great value to us. Any feedback on how we can improve the Trust Center or assist you better is more than welcome! Reach out to us at security@kontent.ai.

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