Meet Delaware: They commit & deliver

Introducing Delaware, our April 2024 “Partner of the Month”! Find out why we’re such fans and explore what they’re all about.

Lucie Simonova

Published on Apr 11, 2024

Meet Delaware

To achieve your mission-critical priorities, you need a partner who will provide you with the right tools along with the confidence that you can rely on them completely. That’s why we’re celebrating Delaware, our April 2024 “Partner of the Month!”

Delaware is a global consultancy that partners with leading technology providers like to deliver advanced digital and ERP solutions. They’ve been established for over 20 years with 5000+ employees in offices all over the world.  

What are they about?

Helping clients reach their full potential

Delaware exists to help their clients reach their full potential by applying their business experience, passion for technology, and knack for understanding their customers’ needs. They use their experience and knowledge to develop, innovate, and implement technology transformations that help guide their clients toward an intelligent future.

Ultimately, they’re an end-to-end ERP and digital solutions integrations partner, and their digital expertise encompasses everything across the customer journey:

  • Strategy and Roadmap 
  • Websites, apps, and customer portals 
  • E-commerce and online marketplace 
  • Marketing automation 
  • Project recovery 
  • CRM & CMS 
  • Digital marketing 

Entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and responsibility

At Delaware, they cultivate a one-of-a-kind culture. They actively seek the best and brightest, nurture their talent, and encourage their team to embody their core values: entrepreneurship, inclusivity, and responsibility. 

This is fantastic news – we’re absolutely honoured to be recognized as’s Partner of the Month. Their headless CMS has been a fantastic fit for our customers. It’s incredibly user-friendly, and the flexibility it offers allows us to create truly customized solutions for our clients. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in project efficiency and client satisfaction since partnering with, and we look forward to many more successful project deliveries together.

Alan EdmondsonDigital Customer Experience Head of Practice, Delaware UK & Ireland

Why Delaware 

  • Delaware work in partnership with their customers. Open communication and ongoing support mean their clients have oversight and support at every step of the way
  • Delaware are an end-to-end partner, and they will be with you from start to finish 
  • Delaware’s team is what makes them; they’re small enough to care, but having global resources means they’re also big enough to deliver

Partnership in action

The strong partnership of Delaware and shows how strategic alliances can spark innovation, and collaborative efforts overcome challenges and drive growth.

Wolf Oil Corporation is a leading independent manufacturer of state-of-the-art lubricants in Europe, with international sales in 100+ countries. As they grew, they encountered technical hurdles with their website. Delaware were able to identify issues and suggest a solution, which included the implementation of a headless CMS from Upon successful project delivery, Wolf Oil were able to launch 3 new websites offering the flexibility they didn’t previously have.


There are numerous reasons why teaming up with is the right decision. Here’s what Delaware believe sets us apart:

  • focuses on AI integration  
  • provides great training resources for customers on the website 
  • goes the extra mile to ensure customers feel supported at project delivery

Rely on Delaware; they’ll make it happen

Ready for the right tools to achieve your mission-critical priorities? Get in touch with Delaware, our April 2024 “Partner of the Month!”

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