Positive: The perfect blend of marketing expertise and technical ability

Say hello to Positive, our October 2023 “Partner of the Month”, and take a trip into their unique brand story.

Shea Gerula

Published on Oct 2, 2023

Meet Positive

Digital marketing is about more than flashy outcomes – you need a broad range of rich expertise to drive results that can realize every strategic ambition. That’s why we’re celebrating Positive, our October 2023 “Partner of the Month”.

Despite being a multi-award-winning agency, Positive have never lost sight of their grounding philosophy to deliver commercially-led outcomes for their clients. A digital agency with marketing and technical experts, they deliver outstanding results by taking a holistic approach to the digital ecosystem. It’s their defining difference and we love it.

What are they about?

A digital trailblazer born in the 90s

The digital revolution of the nineties changed everything. Positive started out by building rudimentary HTML websites and pursuing email marketing, keeping their clients at the leading edge of what was possible at the time. When Google shook up the industry, Positive seized the then new opportunities of search, PPC, SEO, and display ads, solidifying their clients as digital players.

Later, Positive purchased a pioneering agency that specialized in merging outdated financial services systems to improve customer identification and, ultimately, their experience. This further established themselves as an integrated agency across the digital ecosystem. In 2019, following an acquisition by Candid, they joined three other agencies to form one unified arm, Positive, which grew their specialisms and teams.

Strategy comes first, awards are bonuses

Fast forward to the present day and Positive still maintain their customer-centric philosophy. They’re a multi-award-winning agency that understand why flashy design and viral social media posts can be important. But it’s not the be-all and end-all – their focus remains firmly on commercial-led, results-driven outcomes for their clients.

Positive never rush to a solution. Instead, they employ a diligent discovery process to fully understand a client’s challenges and ambitions. Eventually, they want to empower their clients to have full end-to-end control of implemented solutions. By setting their clients up with reporting dashboards and analytics that measure performance and key information, Positive equip them to transition to their next stage of growth.

Collective thinking is at the heart of Positive

Positive’s power lies in the width and breadth of their team’s expertise. Creatively, they’re powered by a team of highly skilled, innovative thinkers, designers, writers, and technical individuals who always start with the questions, rather than going straight to solutions. What are their clients trying to achieve? What’s the business objective? Finding out the bigger picture is crucial to effective delivery.

Combine this with the support of their experienced client management teams and their clients get a rich range of tailored solutions for multichannel brand and marketing requirements, from true marketeers.

They believe that building a great website isn’t enough to attract and retain clients, unless it’s supported by effective channel marketing, customer service, and analytics. Their solutions challenge conventional thinking to solve complex problems across all areas of the digital mix. Taking a collective approach, everyone at the agency plays a mission-critical role in creating and optimizing diverse digital assets and online channels.

We are marketeers by heart and technical experts by training. With Positive, they have all the expertise clients need in one place.

Julian ReiterCEO, Positive

Harnessing the power of small gains

All of Positive’s clients are already doing some form of digital marketing, and are now striving for double-digit growth – but this can be hard to achieve. Positive create and unify smaller gains made across the customer journey, from improving awareness to conversion, generating the double-digit growth that clients’ boards and shareholders want to see.

Kontent.ai… they’re easy to work with, always responsive, and super supportive. They’re a partner-focused business and it shows.

Julian ReiterCEO, Positive

Positive are entering the Drum Awards for their work with Raymarine, a UK-based global manufacturer of marine electronics for yachts and boats. Positive used our headless CMS to create websites for six regions and languages, helping Raymarine to embrace digital transformation and pivot itself as a lifestyle brand. As with every project, our partner support was available at every step and helped bring Raymarine’s vision to life.

Partnership in action

Recently, Positive worked with the globally recognized Gordon Ramsay Restaurants to drive its expansion in the US, Europe, the Far East, and the Middle East. This involved the rapid rollout of existing and new brands for the Americas, like Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips. Positive turned to Kontent.ai because of our cloud-based headless CMS – as building a traditional digital experience platform (DXP) to achieve it would have been costly and time-consuming.

With a headless CMS, each website within the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants brand could have a simple front-end applied while pulling content from a centralized repository that could be easily managed from London. This way, they could create localized websites for different global regions and single restaurant brands, such as Petrus, while maintaining complete control over the content. It played into Gordon Ramsay Restaurants’ wider strategy for brand, content, and sales consistency.

Why Kontent.ai

  • Kontent.ai maintains a partner focus
  • Kontent.ai offers flexibility and scalability
  • Kontent.ai provides rapid technical support

Even with some initial considerations and questions to answer with the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants project, Positive’s technical team worked diligently with Kontent.ai to reach a smooth solution. It was an ambitious project and Gordon Ramsay Restaurants’ team was thrilled with the outcome, entering it for the MACH Impact awards where it achieved an impressive second place.

Marketeers by heart, technical experts by training

Does your brand want flashy deliveries or measurable, impactful outcomes? Our “Partner of the Month”, Positive, are ready to help. Get in touch to discuss how this integrated digital agency can create a tailored strategy to overcome your challenges and exceed every ambition.

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