Q3 2023 release wrap-up: Achieve an unparalleled return on content

We’re always improving to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Check out how releases from Q3 2023 empower teams and enable organizations to achieve an unparalleled return on content.


Radka UhlirovaPublished on Oct 5, 2023

In times of economic uncertainty, every decision, every investment, and every resource allocation becomes a crucial determinant in an organization’s success. Your content isn't just a collection of words and visuals—it's a strategic asset with the power to shape perceptions, engage audiences, and generate revenue. Therefore, it’s important to know how to get the maximum return on your content investments.

Let’s take a look at the releases from Q3 2023 and discover how you can use content to drive results for your customers, your teams, and your business with the headless CMS.

Stay on top of your content operations

A CMS should help organizations improve the performance of individual teams and the content they produce. Ideally, project managers log in to the app and instantly get insights on content produced across teams, brands, and regions, and thus are able to spot inefficiencies in their operations. Our new releases aim to make that possible.

  • Monitor content status across the entire project: With the latest updates, managers can check the overall status of content production, track open assignments, see if any deliverables are at risk, and make sure things go to market quickly. The new Content Status tab gives you an overview of all content items, including their language variants, contributors, due dates, workflow steps, open comments and tasks. The feature is available in the Early access program and you can turn it on in the environment settings.
Monitoring content status
Monitoring content status
  • Add due dates for tasks: By adding due dates for individual tasks, you can achieve more granular control over content planning and timelines. Due dates also help add more accountability to task management, as you can specify the urgency in each step of content creation and make sure content is produced on time.
Tasks with due dates
Adding due dates for tasks
  • View available localizations for untranslated linked content: If you’re using fallbacks for linked content in your projects, you can now view which localizations are available for untranslated linked content. This helps content creators determine which language variant will be delivered to the website, app, or any other channel displaying the content. With fallbacks for linked content, you can support content reuse and ensure a consistent customer experience.
Language fallbacks in linked content
Viewing available variants for untranslated content

Activate early access with a click

Our latest releases grant teams complete control over the early access program. With the new self-service early access functionality, customers can start using the latest early access features immediately, including native AI capabilities in!

  • Take advantage of upcoming features instantly: Want to try out the newest features before they go live? Now you can, without needing to request access. Navigate to the Early access program in your project environment settings and turn on any features you’d like to enable for your project—it’s as simple as that!
Early access program
Activating Early access program features
  • Start using AI in No more waitlist—now you can start using AI in to brainstorm, create, edit and revise more efficiently than ever. All Enterprise customers can now enable native AI capabilities via the Early access program in their environment settings and start creating an unparalleled return on content with right away.

Manage content and assets for multiple channels 

Organizations managing large volumes of content will surely appreciate the latest updates to that help keep their content and assets organized and consistent across multiple teams and channels, allowing for easy reuse at the same time.

  • Govern assets with role permissions and collections: Similar to how collections help split content inventory into manageable parts, teams can now use them to split asset libraries into local and shared libraries. This way, you can find the right assets quickly and ensure they’re only used where they should be. Moreover, you can restrict the accessibility of assets for individual contributors to support compliance and security.
Assets in collections
Organizing assets with collections
  • Preview content in multiple contexts: In Web Spotlight, teams can not only preview content across multiple channels and contexts but also multiple resolutions. Creators can make sure content looks its best wherever it’s displayed with previews for mobile, tablet, desktop, and custom resolutions, supporting a cohesive customer experience across devices. You can simplify the review process by sharing preview links with colleagues to get feedback before publishing.
Preview for tablet
Previewing content across multiple resolutions

Streamline the developer experience

Over the summer, we also delivered a couple of important enhancements for developers, improving the overall developer experience and efficiency of operations. Teams can now manage all API keys with granular permissions in a single place and work with new webhook notifications efficiently.

  • Manage your API keys efficiently: With the newly improved API key management, developers can save time and easily find all a project’s API keys in one place in project settings. Furthermore, you can specify the users who can manage the individual keys, create Delivery API keys for multiple environments, and share the keys with your colleagues.
Delivery API keys
Managing all Delivery API keys in one place
  • Set up new webhooks for content types and assets: Developers can now use new webhooks to track changes in content types and assets. Specify what exactly you want to be notified about using granular event rules. Let us know if you’d like to try the new webhooks in early access.
Triggers for webhooks
Setting up new webhook triggers

Explore the new learning pathways

The Learn portal now provides a new learning experience, embracing a division by topics with tracked learning for all users. You can follow the main navigation composed of e-learning paths, split into the main phases of working with—Plan, Set up, Model, Develop, and Create. So instead of deciding whether to go into tutorials or e-learning, you can now directly pick the topic you want to learn. 

With all these changes, we’ve also renamed our changelog to product updates. You can use the new filtering options to help you quickly find the updates you’re looking for—content creation, content modeling, settings, APIs & SDKs, integrations, and educational materials.

And we definitely recommend to watch out for the upcoming product updates and capabilities we're adding to, helping organizations find the best way to increase the return on their content!

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