Web Spotlight

Create and update content knowing how it will look on webpages and apps. Work faster on web-centric projects with the familiarity of tree structures and visual feedback. Explore why teams love Web Spotlight.

Efficient, speedy content production

Update content in context

Changes can be made on a webpage in seconds, without you wondering how everything will look once it’s published. 

Your customers will benefit too, as authors and subject matter experts work together with in-line comments, suggestions, and simultaneous editing to help you put your best message forward, every time.

Create pages on the fly

Need a new webpage for an upcoming campaign? Web Spotlight makes it easy to create pages, add content, and rearrange components, without developer help. Once you’re done, add the page to your navigation so all visitors can find it. 

Working on more than one site? Web Spotlight can support multiple sites, each with a different look and feel, from a single Kontent.ai project.

Minimize risky content duplication

Modular content allows you to reuse items throughout your websites, while maintaining them in a single repository. 

Your content tree represents where each item is used, making it easy to navigate to any item to begin editing it from that location. Modular content, a major benefit of headless content management, is key for reducing errors and inconsistencies.

Make the experience flawless with live and device-specific previews

  • Live previews instantly reacts to content changes. This real-time feedback allows content creators to land on the best ideas, faster
  • Device-specific previews ensure that you are delivering the best experience to all your audiences 
  • Shareable preview links make it easy to collect feedback before going live with the final version
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The headless CMS advantage

With Kontent.ai, you can create content once and reuse it on your website, online store, mobile app, social media accounts, chatbot, and more. Push your structured content to the channels your customers use today, while ensuring it can be reused in any future digital experiences you create. 

Customers love Web Spotlight

Web Spotlight supports content creators

Explore how leading organizations manage web pages with ease, while enjoying the benefits of headless content management in a personalized demo.