Manage content in context with Web Spotlight.

Web Spotlight combines contextual website management with the flexibility and multi-channel support of a headless CMS.

Create pages on the fly

Need a new webpage for a project or an upcoming campaign? Web Spotlight makes it easy to create pages, add content, and rearrange components without any help from developers. Once you’re done, add the page to your navigation so all visitors can find it.

Working on more than one site? No problem. Web Spotlight can support multiple sites, each with a different look and feel, from a single project.

In-context editing

Update content right within the pages of your websites. Changes can be made in seconds, without wondering how everything will look once it's published. 

Your customers will benefit too, as authors and subject matter experts work together to ensure messaging aligns with the customer's journey. In-line comments, suggestions, and simultaneous editing ensure you're putting your best foot forward on every page of your websites.

Previews for various devices

Make sure content looks its best wherever it's displayed with device-specific previews.

Before publishing, you can check how content will look on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, or test a custom resolution. Moreover, you can easily rotate and resize the preview area using drag-and-drop to keep everything looking picture perfect. Then get feedback from colleagues by simply sharing a preview link.

Preview for tablet

Reuse content across your websites

Modular content makes it easy to reuse items throughout your websites, while maintaining them in a single repository. Your content tree represents where each item is used within your website, making it easy to navigate to any item to begin editing it from that location. 

Content that fits every webpage

No matter what your design looks like, your content should fit seamlessly to ensure an excellent experience for website visitors. Because it’s structured and free of unnecessary formatting, all content is automatically future-proofed to be used across any websites, campaigns, or channels you add later on.

JetSmart Highlight

Customer Highlight: Jetsmart

JetSmart Airlines chose to simplify their content translations and free their developers to transform their online booking experience. These improvements helped them expand operations to new countries throughout South America and deliver a true omnichannel experience to their increasingly mobile customer base.

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JetSmart Highlight

Built on modern technologies

Web Spotlight delivers your content to your websites via API. Because this approach doesn’t impose or restrict any formatting, you can build your sites on any technology stack and integrate with any tools or services you require.

Even better, you won’t get locked into any of these systems as the modern architecture makes it easy to swap out services without impacting other parts of your websites.

Endless possibilities, the foundation of Web Spotlight, ensures all of your content fits seamlessly into any web page design. The modular nature of this content makes it easy to tailor for different audiences and future-proofs it to be reused across other websites, applications, or channels you create in the future.

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