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Published on Mar 29, 2023

When it comes to managing content, organizations have lots of options. Smaller organizations might be able to manage with a simple all-in-one CMS, while larger, more complex organizations tend to turn to more robust solutions. When complex content operations and a need for flexibility come into play, a headless CMS is often the right choice. 

Simplifying the transition to headless CMS

A headless CMS enables complete flexibility with how and where content is used, which is great for organizations with multiple websites and channels. But for content creators, a headless CMS can have a bit of a learning curve, since the content created within it is decoupled from the presentation layer. Content in a headless CMS is also stored differently than content in a traditional CMS, so content creators used to the standard “tree-like” structure of a web page may find they need some time to adjust.

To make that adjustment a little easier, introduced Web Spotlight: a way for content editors to view their headless content in the context of their site, and navigate site content using a familiar page tree.

Web Spotlight brings a familiar interface to headless CMS

The introduction of Web Spotlight was a gamechanger for headless CMS users, and helped make content creators even more productive. At the same time, it continued to provide developers with the power and flexibility of a headless CMS.

Web Spotlight gets a powerup 

Web Spotlight is a great feature for organizations that want to work with their content in context. Editors can see their content exactly how it will appear on their site. But for larger organizations, content isn’t often on just a single site. Content may be found across several sites, like on the site of a sub-brand, or a site for a specific region, or for a specific product.

With’s latest release, it’s now possible to work with content for multiple sites in Web Spotlight from a single project! With just a few clicks, content editors and creators can transition between different sites, and work with content in context.

Work with multiple websites in Web Spotlight using spaces

This update significantly speeds up the work of those working in, since there’s no longer a need to switch between projects or use other tools to view different sites. All work is right there in one project, and a different Web Spotlight workspace is just a few clicks away.

Built for multisite support

This update to Web Spotlight extends the functionality of spaces, which were released earlier this year. Spaces give teams a way to create boundaries between multisite content within a single project, while Web Spotlight makes it possible to see and work with previews of that content in one place.

Spaces create boundaries between sites, while collections create boundaries for content

Spaces work together with collections in, which help organizations create boundaries for their content (like product info content, customer support content, and so on). By keeping spaces and collections within a single project, organizations can more easily share content and configuration, making it easier to spin up new pages and get to market faster.

Dive into Web Spotlight today

These updates to Web Spotlight are available now, and are ready for you to start using them immediately. For more information on how to get started, be sure to take a look at our documentation.

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience, and we’d love to heard what you think of our product updates ­– share your feedback with us directly in using Intercom. If you’re not using, but would like to get started, get in touch for a demo with one of our content experts.

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