Finalists for Best Kentico Cloud Implementation Category Unveiled!

By Jana RepakovaMar 14, 2018

Our special committee evaluated all projects submitted for the Best Kentico Cloud Implementation category in Kentico Site of the Year 2017, and settled upon these marvelous results. Whether it’s their use of multilingual Kentico Cloud functionality or overall performance, these projects have something to tell you.

Institute for Sound and Music Berlin 

Implemented by Squareball Digital

The Berlin Institute for Sound and Music is a nonprofit organization and initiative dedicated to the history and culture of sound, immersive art, and electronic music. Their new site serves as the hub for communicating the goals, news, and events of the Institute. A key benefit here was being able to work with the content from the beginning of the project to ensure that the design and build worked with it. Despite the relatively quick design and build cycle, the content-rich result includes news articles, donation CTAs, and MailChimp signups, which have resulted in a huge increase in visitors, repeat sessions, and conversions. Furthermore, a headless CMS ensures Squareball Digital can re-use content for mobile channels and exhibition screens at a later date. 

Read more about this project in our case study.

institute of sound and music berlin homepage
institute of sound and music berlin homepage

Kramp - Careers section

Implemented by TrueLime

Kramp is an international wholesaler specializing in agriculture, forest and grass care, construction machinery, and OEM. It is growing fast with a continuous demand for new colleagues. Kentico Cloud makes it possible to show vacancies that are relevant to the user as the website checks to what language the user’s browser is set and  the user’s location. Subsequently, the search results show content in the user’s language and will only show vacancies that are near the user’s location. Apart from this, the project is also integrated with Kramp’s HR system Workday because it was necessary that all changes to vacancies in Workday be automatically updated on the website as well. Content is created and managed in Kentico Cloud, from which it can be spread to a range of platforms and interfaces.

Kramp - Career website

Kentico Kontent

American Gods

Implemented by Syndicut

The fantasy of worldwide-known author Neil Gaiman and his novel, American Gods, is imprinted in this television series. Its creators, Fremantle Media, were looking for a unique and entertaining way for fans to stay informed about American Gods. They needed an easy-to-use CMS that was adaptable to frequent major structural changes as the content was on a timed release for each new character reveal and episode airing. With Kentico Cloud, all mysteries were kept in the story itself. The functional aspect of the site was built using ASP.NET MVC hosted on Amazon EC2 instance for maximum scalability. This setup was complimented by Kentico Cloud’s speedy API requests, as well as serving heavy multimedia content from its CDN efficiently.

Read more about this project in our case study.

Kentico Kontent

About the Contest

The annual Kentico Site of the Year contest seeks out the best Kentico and Kentico Cloud implementations and chooses the top three from each category to be put to public or special committee vote. The winners of all Kentico Site of the Year 2017 awards will be announced on March 20, 2018. Stay tuned to find out if your favorite project succeeded in getting the top spot.

Written by
Jana Repakova

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