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Speed Up Your Digital Teams with Project Templates

What if you could create templates for your most-used content types and speed up your projects? Don’t miss out on our latest product release! Read on to learn more about Project Templates.

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Lukas TurekPublished on Nov 21, 2018

We often hear that digital teams have content types that regularly appear across their projects. It might be the navigation structure, articles, and events, to name but a few. Digital agencies may have multiple sites or apps for a single brand, or franchise businesses may need to create multiple pages for each region they operate in with slightly different content. Imagine how time consuming and inefficient it is to create the same content types multiple times. 

Make Way for Project Templates

You can now create a new project from a template, so you don’t have to create it from scratch, saving you valuable time. An existing project can even be used as a template, as long as you’re the administrator and the project has been created from a subscription running on a Business Plan or higher. This functionality is easily available in the UI. When creating a new project, simply select a Project Template.

Example Scenario 

Project Templates is a useful feature for digital agencies and organizations alike. If we take a conference and events company as an example, Project Templates is a game changer. For each event, they need to create a new microsite with registration pages, event info, agendas, and more. The core structure of each of these websites is that same. Until now, they would have to create each content item manually, but thanks to Project Templates, they don't have to!

Create a Project Template Today

In Kentico Cloud, you can copy Content types, Content snippets, Taxonomy, Workflow steps, and Roles. If you’re a Business or Enterprise Plan customer with multiple subscriptions, you can create a "template project", and define the basic structure that will be used across multiple projects. Once created, you can now use this "seed" project as a template across your other subscriptions.

Project Template example

We hope you enjoy Project Templates. Just make sure you stick to using them for your most commonly used content items, as they are not designed for full production projects.

As always, we're continuing to develop Kentico Cloud. In the next release of Project Templates, we're going to add support for a limited number of content items - namely 100 items and 100 assets. Plus, we have another feature, "Continuous Development", in the pipeline to better support your development process. Check out the product roadmap and be the first to hear all about our future releases.

Share Your Thoughts

Regardless of whether you’re part of a marketing agency or in-house team, ensuring you have a content management system that helps mitigate inefficiencies and duplication is key. With features like Project Templates, we’re confident you’ll be able to deliver projects faster.

Currently, Project Templates is available from the UI, but would you like to create new projects programmatically using an API? At the moment, you can select your own project as a template, but we’re exploring creating predefined templates. Is this something that you’d find useful? What predefined templates would you appreciate? Let us know your thoughts, we are always happy to hear them. 

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