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Streamline content creation with Web Spotlight auto refresh

We’re always improving Kontent by Kentico to enable strategists, creators, and developers alike! Learn how auto refresh for Web Spotlight makes content creation even more seamless.

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Jordan TorpyPublished on Nov 16, 2021

When you spend your day with content, your focus is a critical resource. You need technology that supports your best work, not software you have to fight against. That’s why Web Spotlight has been a game-changer for content professionals: it gives the organization all the speed and scale benefits of a headless CMS while also offering an unbeatable editing experience for authors themselves. And the latest update makes Web Spotlight even more enjoyable to use.

Starting today, Web Spotlight users can see changes to their content in the Preview tab as soon as they make them, without needing to refresh the page. Content creators no longer need to break their flow to see how their new ideas will look on the web, making the content creation process smoother than ever.

Build your best content with Web Spotlight

Web Spotlight gives content creators and editors all the comfort and familiarity of a WYSIWYG-style site management tool combined with the flexibility and performance provided by a headless CMS. 

Web Spotlight puts all your content items into a familiar tree-like structure that mirrors your site navigation. View all your pages, modify components directly, and edit web content in context. Content creators don’t need to rely on developers to make the changes they need to their site, but they get the benefits of modular, reusable content that comes from using Kontent.

When using Web Spotlight, you work with two tabs: Preview and Editor. Preview displays an accurate rendition of the current page you’re working on. Editor lets you work with your modular content items. And now, with auto refresh, changes you make in the Editor tab are automatically reflected in the Preview tab—no refresh needed.

A screenshot of the Web Spotlight Preview tab showing the auto refresh option enabled.

Start getting instant feedback on your content changes

Ready to start using auto refresh with Web Spotlight? Get set up by having your developers follow along with the documentation for the new version of the Smart link SDK for Web Spotlight

Once activated, auto refresh will update content as soon as you edit for both static and dynamic sites. You can look forward to a more seamless content creation process and fewer distractions while you work. And stay tuned—we’re committed to constantly improving Web Spotlight to give you the best content experience possible. 

Are you interested in setting up Web Spotlight for your project? Contact the Kontent sales team to get started.

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Learn how Web Spotlight empowers content creators

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