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Developing .NET MVC websites using Kentico Cloud - Technical webinar

Do you want to know how headless CMS can work for you? Sign up for our webinar and learn how you can develop a simple .NET MVC application with Kentico Cloud.

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Bryan SoltisPublished on Dec 1, 2016

Extraordinary projects require total freedom to experiment. Often, traditional CMS’s bring many limitations to the presentation layer, injecting unnecessary layout that can complicate the design of the site. On top of that, you need to spend days ensuring the right security is in place, monitoring performance, and babysitting a CMS. With the new API-first CMS Kentico Cloud, you can develop a website or a mobile application with the technology you love, without the overhead of a traditional CMS platform. The best part is that security and performance are carried out by Kentico Cloud, freeing you to focus on your solution. 

In this session, Kentico Cloud Product Manager/Developer Tomas Hruby will introduce you to this new API-first CMS and demonstrate how you can develop a simple .NET MVC application with Kentico Cloud.

If you missed our technical webinar, you can watch it on YouTube

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Bryan Soltis