Visual Comparison of Revisions

Being able to access previous versions of your content is great. However, the ability to compare them visually is even better!

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Pavel JirikPublished on Jun 14, 2018

Every epic piece of content tends to pass through (multiple) stages of reviewing, editing, and proofreading.

As a content reviewer, you only want to see the relevant content changes. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving an approval request without tracked changes so you have to re-read the full content just to find out what has been changed.

We totally get it, and truly believe that content reviewing should be fun. Therefore, we have upgraded our revisions functionality!

You can now select any two versions of your content, and see the content changes right away. Just click the Compare differences button in your content item, and select the content versions you wish to compare under the Revisions tab:

That's right, what is highlighted in red has been removed, what is highlighted in green has been added. It cannot get easier than that!

For as long as the Compare differences button is turned on, you can keep switching between different versions of the content, and compare them to each other.

We hope that this added feature will make your content-reviewing life easier once again, and feel free to use this new ability to quickly approve what's needed so you can meet your next deadline!

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Pavel Jirik

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