What's New in Kentico Cloud—March 2017

By Stephen GriffinMar 20, 2017

Another month, another batch of features and improvements for you to get your teeth into. And now, with an entirely new website and a new single-product approach, you will find all the info, news, resources, features, improvements under the Kentico Cloud umbrella. So what's new this month?

Link Content Items from within a Rich Text

Content contributors can now select a phrase in a rich text field and link it to another content item in your inventory. It works very similarly to inserting links to other websites but in many cases, you might not know the website address or it might not even be published yet. For example, if you are writing numerous content items to be released on a specific date in the future but you know you want the items to link to each other, you can insert the links to the extra content items and, through modified HTML or the .NET SDK, the website will retrieve the correct URL slug for the link to work when the pages are live.

Kentico Kontent

Limit Content Elements

How many times do you need content pieces with word or character limits? If you're writing content or requesting content as often as I am, my guess is a lot. Well, you're going to love this feature. Now, for each Text content element, you can set character or word limits to ensure your content contributors are delivering the required text lengths for your desired locations. And we will be adding the same functionality to the Rich Text field very soon. 

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Customer Experience Management Improvements

So, I'm sure you are aware that Kentico Cloud is now one product. As part of this change, you will now find all the Customer Experience Management features directly in Kentico Cloud, alongside all your other features. 

And with the latest release, we enabled editing of segments—marketers can come back and see static segment details, edit them, and recalculate them. We also introduced changes to the condition builder where marketers now can leverage conditions based on website sessions, and first and last visits.

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Required Elements

As you may already know, we introduced Required Elements in February. However, in many applications that require elements to be filled, you need to fill the text before you can save it. This sometimes leads people to add some dummy text just so they can save the item and come back to it later. In Kentico Cloud however, when you or any other content contributors are still working in a draft version or moving it through various workflow stages, this required field does not have to be filled in immediately. You can continue working on the content item, exit it, come back to it whenever you want, and only when you try to publish it, will it notify you of the required field being empty. You don't need to worry about accidentally publishing some dummy text.

Additionally, you can filter content items in your inventory that have required elements but are not yet filled in and see an overview of what content items have any unfinished but required content elements.

Kentico Cloud Import Module

We've released a new Kentico Cloud Import module that now supports the recently released features in Kentico Cloud, namely Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, and Inline Images within Rich Text. These updates are included in the Import module for Kentico 10 and Kentico 9 and can be found in the Kentico Marketplace.

Strongly Typed Models Support in the Delivery SDK for .NET

With the latest release, the Delivery SDK now supports working with content items as strongly-typed models. Developers are now able to enjoy the comfort of generating and using strongly typed models in their applications. Now, back-end developers can rely on type safety during the compilation time while writing less verbose code and can use functionalities that depend on strong types, such as Display templates in ASP.NET MVC.

This feature has been delivered in open-source cooperation with Get Started.

Usability Improvements

We have added a few extra little items that you might like this month. Firstly, you will find an "Undo" button in your editor toolbar, you know, for all those times you might delete something by accident. And in the user menu, you will now find links to a brand new Help Center and a Developer Hub. Enjoy.

That's it for this month. I hope you are enjoying using Kentico Cloud. Remember, if there are any features you would like to see or improvements you think we should make, please just drop us a line through Intercom. And if you are curious to hear more about the feature updates and get a look at the Kentico Cloud roadmap, sign up for our Launch Webinar on March 29.

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Written by
Stephen Griffin

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