Why Omnichannel Is Critical for Your Success (Presentation)

It has been proven that the way people consume content has changed for good. We now live in an omnichannel world and the number of marketing channels is constantly growing. These shifts mean only one thing: A big challenge for mid-to-large-sized organizations. 

Vojtech BorilPublished on Mar 21, 2018

Vojtech Boril, Kentico Cloud Sales Executive, gave a remarkable presentation at the Microsoft conference "CMS in the Cloud" (Systemy CMS v Chmurze), which took place in February in Warsaw, Poland, where he pointed out why innovative companies should consider moving their digital experience to one cloud content hub.

As Vojtech pin-pointed, with the current pace of emerging channels, every company needs to keep in mind that it could happen very soon that their marketing team will need to reach out to their customers on those new channels. They simply need to engage customers with meaningful content through the whole buyer’s journey.

Watch Vojtech's presentation and find out: what content friction means in real life for marketers and their content flow; how an omnichannel content hub can break team silos, and; what the future expectations of  a content hub could be. 

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Why Omnichannel Is Critical for Your Success (11 min.)

We would love to hear from you in the comments about what your experience with content friction is and what challenges you are facing while trying  to break the current silo-working mindset in your company. 

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Vojtech Boril

I’m VP Growth & Marketing at I am passionate about SaaS product marketing & growth and endurance sports!

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