a2 Milk.

A brand storytelling platform that brings a tasty alternative to regular cows’ milk.

The a2 Milk Company aims to enrich people’s lives with their premium branded a2 Milk™ products. After expanding into multiple markets, the company needed to develop a digital communications strategy to drive organic and paid advertising and grow brand awareness.

They turned to Bound to create a solution that would help them deliver new, engaging content to their global websites and web application platform. The team wanted a headless CMS with enterprise-grade security, high performance, and content workflows—they chose, which enabled them to streamline their content operations while building omnichannel digital content delivery with a modular content platform.

by Bound


  • The a2 Milk Company wanted to increase their brand awareness worldwide.
  • Bound was tasked with rebuilding the company’s global consumer and investor websites.
  • The final solution had to provide custom workflows for multiple internal and external content creators and market-specific communications content.


  • was integrated with best-of-breed services such as Salesforce, Algolia, and Agiloft.
  • SEO-friendly sites were created to attract global audiences.
  • features for authors and editors were used to help the team create high-quality content.


  • The a2 Milk Company now delivers content across multiple countries worldwide, such as Australia, Canada, and China.
  • Effective compliance with various legal requirements was implemented.
  • The company’s websites now provide highly compelling personalized user experiences.


The a2 Milk™ brand is one of the fastest growing companies in the premium milk category in the USA. Unlike conventional cows’ milk that contains A2 and A1 protein, the a2 Milk Company’s branded milk comes from cows hand-picked to naturally produce only the A2 protein type—helping to reduce symptoms of milk intolerance associated with conventional milk.

a2 Milk was looking to grow their website audiences across several countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Greater China, and the USA. The company selected Bound to deliver fast global consumer and investor websites that would provide highly compelling personalized user experiences to reach the goal.

The Challenge

Due to the expansion into multiple markets with various products, the a2 Milk Company needed to drive organic and paid advertising to increase their brand awareness complexities in different parts of the world and navigate the significant publishing at the same time. Simply put, the company’s digital communications strategy was calling for a refresh.  

Even though five of the a2 Milk Company’s websites had recently been updated with an open-source CMS, the implementation process had brought some challenges, including issues with the content preview and approval workflows, the compliance lifecycle, and operational efficiency. Therefore, the a2 Milk team asked Bound to rebuild their global consumer and investor websites thoroughly so that they would maximize brand reach to new audiences.

a2 Milk recipes

The Solution

Bound’s objective was to devise a solution that provides multilingual and omnichannel support for each of the company’s websites. They opted for based on its flexibility to integrate with external platforms such as:

  • Salesforce to connect with their customers and deliver a great customer service experience 
  • Algolia to provide a search experience in their apps and websites
  • Agiloft to automate the contract management process

Switching to allowed them to deliver content across multiple channels and devices and implement best practices for growing their website audiences—including optimizing for SEO and marketing campaign engagement.

The workflow features allowed the client to streamline their business processes and ensure compliance while managing multiple web instances. Its easy-to-use content management tools for authors and editors, including real-time collaboration and seamless workflows, enable the marketing team to consistently deliver the desired content across any channel they need. Due to this new approach, editors can focus only on creating, planning, and authoring content without requiring help from developers.

To improve a2 Milk Company’s global content management and web application platform, Bound provided cloud hosting, application development, training, and quick support for the client. By establishing a tech stack that uses the front-end React framework, they could create SEO-friendly sites with a top user interface for global audiences. Introducing new designs and capabilities for the Investor Relations website and ensuring standard React components and Design System were also a part of the implementation.


Rebuilding the a2 Milk Company’s global consumer and investor websites enabled the brand to reach customers across several countries worldwide, such as Australia, Canada, and China. In addition to that, Bound helped increase a2 Milk’s brand awareness and continues to support their global websites. They also introduced new designs and capabilities for the client’s sites, leveraging all-new capabilities.

By implementing, the Bound team was able to:

  • Create custom workflows with multiple internal and external content creators
  • Implement effective compliance with various legal requirements
  • Significantly improve page load speeds and eliminate downtime and outages
  • Improve cyber security posture

The regional as well as global marketing teams are now capable of consistently delivering content in a highly agile and secure way—due to the new tech stack embedded in the fabric of the organization.

  • 10 global websites

    powered by one modular content platform

  • Content workflows

    with multiple internal and external authors

  • Seamless integrations

    with best-of-breed services

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The best part about using for this project is its flexibility—we were able to adapt the CMS for our chosen tech stack and roll it out across 12 global sites for different brands and countries, which all had their own unique needs.

Hugh Podmore, Managing Director, Bound


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