Advantage General Insurance Company

Building a user-friendly portal to improve knowledge management and the employee experience

A well-integrated employee portal, with as a backbone, improves the way Advantage General employees create, share, and work with information. 


  • Manual, time-consuming content creation and management processes
  • Information overload and lower adoption of employee portal
  • Complex integrations for connecting internal systems


  • Simplified content creation and management in
  • Flexible presentation of content with a headless CMS
  • Easy integration of existing microservices via API-first platform


  • A focus on content, not setup for portal admins
  • Increased adoption, engagement, and satisfaction with employee portal
  • A one-stop location for employees connecting with their most-used services

Advantage General Insurance Company Limited (AGIC) is one of Jamaica’s largest insurance companies, trusted by customers for providing reliable, efficient, and innovative insurance solutions. A customer-centric organization, Advantage General is dedicated to finding ways to strengthen their relationships with not only their clients and partners, but their staff, too.

Working towards that goal, Advantage General decided to completely rebuild their employee portal. They enlisted the help of Discover Digital, who had previously helped to build their insurance quote portal using, to build a solution that would make it easier for their employees to get the information they needed. 

Recognizing the need for a new portal

Advantage General has a sophisticated portfolio, consisting of multiple types of insurance products. Customers can find complex motor, home, and commercial insurance plans, each with their own policies and add-ons to address the complex needs of the market. 

With a wide range of products comes a large amount of information for employees to manage. Whether it’s onboarding new colleagues, answering customer questions, or following a claims process, Advantage General employees often need to consult a shared knowledge base to find the information they need. 

Prior to working with Discover Digital, Advantage General used an in-house employee portal for their employee knowledge management. While this portal served its purpose, it wasn’t without a few issues. Updating content was a manual process, where each piece of content needed to be posted separately. The in-house portal wasn’t well-integrated with their other internal systems, which consumed employee time and effort trying to ensure everything worked correctly. Lastly the employee engagement with the portal needed improvement. Employees were reporting that they were overloaded with information and couldn't effectively communicate internally.

Recognizing the need for a more integrated, more user-friendly employee portal, Advantage General started to work with Discover Digital on a solution. 

A headless approach to an employee portal

Advantage General needed an employee portal built on a platform that could easily integrate with a range of required microservices. The portal required several customizations to meet requirements. It also had to be flexible in how it presented content, so the frontend of the portal could display information in the most useful way for their employees. checked off all the necessary boxes. As an API-first solution, it could easily be wired up to all current microservices, and also incorporate new ones in the future. also provided a fully customizable environment, where configurations, content models, and user roles could all be set up as needed for Advantage General. As a modular content platform, gave Discover Digital complete freedom in their presentation layer, setting no limits on how content could be displayed in the portal.

By using as their content management system for their employee portal, Advantage General is able to provide a unified digital experience that connects many services in one place. The portal integrates with all the services below, creating a single touchpoint for many employee needs:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Active Directory
  • Azure Search
  • Survey Monkey 
  • Instagram feed

Empowering employees with the right information at the right time

The new portal has significantly improved information sharing and engagement for Advantage General. By using webhooks into Azure Logic Apps, automated newsletters highlighting portal content updates are sent each week, keeping everyone on the same page. Advantage General has also measured a notable increase in daily engagement with the portal, since it’s now easier for employees to find the information they need. 

It’s simpler for contributors to the employee portal to create and edit content. An intuitive user interface allows users to focus on what they’re writing, without needing to worry about how it will be displayed. The focus has shifted from trying to work with their old solution, to creating great content.

Keeping content up to date is no longer an issue. By making use of’s built-in version control, portal administrators always know what version of content they’re working with and can roll back to previous versions if necessary – a main painpoint with their previous solution. It’s easy to track changes, and see who made what changes, making the content management process more efficient.

“Since switching to, [Advantage General] employees are better able to find the information they need, and the Intranet Admins responsible for curating content can be confident their contributions are being used,” said Adam Judd, Managing Director at Discover Digital. 

All these improvements add up to a successful project for both Advantage General and Discover Digital. Most importantly, it’s a success story for the employees. After the launch of the new portal, Advantage General has seen consistently higher satisfaction scores in weekly employee surveys.

By improving the way information is created and shared, Advantage General has also improved the happiness of their employees. It’s a great example of how powerful a good employee portal can be.

The most significant impact of is that it lets you focus on your content, not on how the system works. Kontent takes care of the heavy lifting for you so that you can worry less about the technical details and more about creating great content.

Adam JuddManaging Director, Discover Digital, Implementation partner for Advantage General

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