Cancer Council Australia

Building the foundation for a digital future at Australia’s leading cancer control organization

Cancer Council Australia needed to transform its national website into an online experience that offers support, guidance, and prevention information to cancer patients throughout Australia. They chose Luminary to guide them in building the foundation for a digital future that allows for quick and efficient updates to be made to existing sites as well as the creation of new microsites, mixing best practices with modern technologies. was selected to allow for easy updates and additions to content whenever and wherever needed while also offering the flexibility to expand to new channels and implement additional technologies in the future.


  • Content updates often led to the “spinning wheel of death”, causing lengthy delays for basic edits.
  • Previous CMS was difficult to maintain.
  • Cancer Council wanted to be more proactive in managing changes to their websites.
  • The team required guidance on technology best practices while maintaining full ownership of the project, including the ability to manage all aspects of the system in-house.


  • The authoring environment allows users to create and update content quickly.
  • The SaaS-based modular content platform requires no maintenance, ensuring the solution is always up to date and secure.
  • The Next.js Static Site Generator combines content from to create highly performant web pages.
  • The new Cancer Council Australia website can be updated and enhanced by in-house developers as needed.


  • Hosting costs were reduced by 80%.
  • The modern architecture provides high performance and the flexibility to adopt new technologies as needed.
  • A modern digital foundation has been established that empowers the team to add, update, and share content as needed.
  • The team built a new framework that makes it easy for developers to create future websites using headless CMS best practices.


Cancer Council Australia is the leading cancer control organization in Australia. Operating as a non-government charity, Cancer Council Australia works with its members, the eight state and territory Cancer Councils, to undertake and fund cancer research, prevent and control cancer, and provide information and support for people affected by cancer. They partnered with Luminary, an Australian-based digital agency, to implement a new digital ecosystem that enhances the user experience, streamlines content production and distribution, and reduces overall infrastructure costs and the overhead needed to maintain it.

The Challenge

A key goal for the new Cancer Council Australia website was to lay the foundations for a digital future that would allow their team to add and update content as needed. This meant significantly elevating their content production capabilities as well as finding a local partner to guide them on implementing a modern technology stack and ensuring they adhered to industry best practices.

They needed to replace their old content management system that restricted their ability to make improvements to their website and frequently caused delays when publishing even basic content updates. To help the team be more proactive in managing their online presence, their new technology stack would also need to be flexible enough to allow them to extend their website capabilities as needed in the future.

The Solution

Luminary proved to be the ideal partner candidate due to their local presence and extensive experience implementing modern content management solutions. To address their content production needs, Cancer Council Australia selected based on its flexibility to integrate with technologies they used on their website as well as its ability to publish content to any channel or device. As an additional benefit, also maintains a strong presence in the region, including an active partnership with Luminary, local user groups, and a team of experts ready to help through each step of their project.

The Luminary team collaborated with Cancer Council Australia staff to construct a modern architecture on top of Microsoft Azure infrastructure. They built a front-end development framework that implements headless CMS best practices to ensure speed of development and highly performant static websites built on the Next.js Static Site Generator. This framework gives them a repeatable approach they can use to create future websites and microsites while also offering the flexibility to implement new technologies as needed. The team quickly realized these benefits, as they built a dynamic preview version of their primary website as well as a microsite that leverages the new framework.


Cancer Council quickly saw benefits from their new website, as their infrastructure hosting costs dropped by 80%. The team can now easily enhance their website as needed and has the ability to create new microsites quickly to support future initiatives. Cancer Council is now much better equipped to deliver accurate and up-to-date content to people with cancer and those who support them. However, the greatest benefits are likely to be realized over the coming months and years, as they’ve laid the foundation for a digital future that will maximize the knowledge, capabilities, and communications for Cancer Council Australia to ensure a better future for all Australians impacted by cancer.

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