Designing a world-class customer experience for a luxury jewelry brand

GASSAN needed to rebuild their website to offer the first-class online experience suitable for their high-end jewelry brand. They turned to Reversed Digital to produce a luxurious new site design and modern architecture that ensures high performance and gives GASSAN’s Marketing team the ability to update the website as needed. was chosen to provide a cloud-based CMS that empowers authors to create and edit content that fits seamlessly into the new design without impacting page speed. The result is a world-class e-commerce experience that lets customers research and shop for high-end jewelry, diamonds, and watches across any device.


  • GASSAN needed to deliver an online experience suitable for their luxury brand.
  • Employees had limited ability to make changes to the website when required.
  • Slow page loads negatively impacted the visitor experience.
  • More than 65% of site traffic came from mobile devices.


  • The headless CMS delivers structured content that fits seamlessly into the new, high-end website design.
  • The cloud-based CMS makes it easy for authors to update content.
  • Custom page builder lets the Marketing team create new pages as needed.
  • The Static Site Generator builds new web pages whenever content is changed, eliminating the need to connect to the CMS during page loads.


  • Average session duration increased by 30%.
  • Removing the real-time connection to the CMS maximizes website performance and reduces the risk of downtime.
  • The GASSAN Marketing team is free to create and preview web pages on the fly without relying on other teams.
  • Mobile-friendly website lets customers research and purchase products on any device.


GASSAN is one of the biggest jewelers in Holland, with 14 physical stores and a 75-year history rooted in craftsmanship, quality, and reliability. GASSAN is recognized for high-end watches, beautiful jewelry, and stunning diamonds. Besides offering an online shopping experience, their website serves to educate visitors throughout the world on the four C’s of diamonds (carat, color, clarity, and cut) while also allowing customers to make an appointment to see their products in-person in one of their stores. 

However, to represent the GASSAN brand with the luxurious feel it deserves, they needed to rebuild their website to best fit their business model and the way people research and purchase jewelry today.

The Challenge

To provide the online experience GASSAN customers expect, the Reversed Digital team needed a solution to significantly improve page load speeds and address SEO issues that limited the chance for customers to find GASSAN online. They also needed to modernize the previous architecture, which had proven to be very inflexible, preventing employees from making changes to the website when they needed to. An initial assessment of their website showed that 65% of their traffic came from mobile devices, meaning an improved customer experience would need to deliver fast performance and a beautiful look and feel across all devices.

GASSAN website

The Solution

The Reversed Digital team selected to replace their CMS based on previous experiences that convinced GASSAN it would meet the marketing team’s needs while offering the flexibility to fit the new site architecture. They built the site using the Next.js static site generator, which pulls content from the CMS via API and produces new versions of each web page whenever changes are made. It removes the real-time connection to the back end, maximizing performance, and reducing the risk of site downtime.

GASSAN product details are pulled from an internal database, with related information displayed from based on a custom field that associates each content item with the appropriate products. For most products, customers can make the purchase online. However, many prefer to schedule an appointment to visit one of GASSAN’s physical stores to experience the personal touch the company has built its reputation on throughout its 75-year history.

Lastly, Reversed Digital built a page building tool that leverages the custom content model to let marketers create GASSAN web pages with flexible formatting and the ability to add and arrange components however they wish. This offers a new level of agility to the GASSAN team. They can create and preview pages as needed, without depending on technical resources or being forced into a specific template.


The new GASSAN website was built with modernization top-of-mind, providing an excellent customer experience across every device and leveraging a technology stack that delivers the level of performance today’s online consumers expect. allows the GASSAN Marketing team to update content quickly whenever it’s needed while the custom page building feature improves the team’s efficiency beyond what was previously possible. These improvements have led to more engaged site visitors, with sessions lasting 30% longer as the average customer visits more pages than before. 

In the future, the GASSAN team expects customers to make more purchases directly on the website. However, regardless of which method each customer prefers, this new online experience guarantees they’ll receive first-class service worthy of GASSAN’s luxury brand.

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