An omnichannel e-commerce platform for a retailer with 160 stores.

Hartlauer, an Austrian expert in consumer electronics, optics, and hearing aids, decided to change their approach to content and build a more engaging digital experience for their customers. They chose Emakina to design an omnichannel solution that could streamline the retailer’s services. was selected as the modular content platform that would ultimately enable Hartlauer to reach their target audiences on every device and improve their content operations.



  • Hartlauer’s internal systems were individually developed and not flexible.
  • The electronic retailer wanted a cutting-edge omnichannel solution integrating best-of-breed technologies.
  • It was necessary to ensure Hartlauer’s content would be available across all possible platforms and devices.


  • It took the development team less than eight weeks to implement
  • The final solution seamlessly supports marketing, customer relationships, and omnichannel commerce.
  • was integrated with Salesforce, Bynder, inRiver, and other best-of-breed tools.


  • The marketing team enjoys how quickly they can create content and upload their assets using 
  • Hartlauer achieved far better results than originally expected (e.g., a 30% increase in revenue and 60% more user registrations). 
  • Content can be easily reused on social media, the Hartlauer website, and other channels. 


Hartlauer’s webshop wasn’t up to date, and all their internal systems were individually developed and not flexible. In addition to that, it was difficult to integrate new platforms such as or Salesforce, so Hartlauer wanted to transform and remodel every system and technology they had.

Emakina was tasked with designing and deploying a cutting-edge omnichannel solution that would integrate best-of-breed technologies, allowing the retailer to cover all customer touchpoints and future-proof their content.

Hartlauer website

The Solution

Emakina’s agile strategy enabled them to iterate through development sprints to gradually deploy and integrate all of the components of Hartlauer’s solution. Working bit by bit to develop the digital backbone of the new solution that integrated the client’s legacy information systems, the development team replaced WordPress with in less than two months.

The transition from a traditional content management system to a headless one was very smooth, as the team quickly got used to the intuitive user interface. Besides as the central hub, the end solution also incorporates: 

  • Bynder and inRiver to feed the online website and webshop with content and information
  • Channable to manage data feeds and automate PPC campaigns 
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud to support multi-channel campaign execution and track social media engagement and advertising
  • Salesforce Service Cloud for ticket solutions
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud connected to the logistics and Salesforce Order Management System in the background

The end solution helps Hartlauer’s teams seamlessly support marketing, customer relationships, and omnichannel commerce. As part of the solution, artificial intelligence (AI) models were designed specifically for the retailer to enhance services and support decision-making.

With the customer at the center of this whole architecture, physical stores now offer connected services while online shopping reflects the in-store experience. As a result, customers can get helpful advice at any touchpoint and have their shopping delivered wherever they like.


The marketing team at Hartlauer is very pleased with how quickly they can create and edit content and upload their assets using Their experts write blog posts and articles about topics their customers are interested in, and it’s easy for them to link this relevant content to products on the website.

The flexibility of enabled Hartlauer to integrate with best-of-breed services, including Salesforce, Bynder, and inRiver, to name a few. Since the new website is built on a modern serverless architecture, the Hartlauer team can scale and integrate with external systems as they need.

Implementing Web Spotlight helped the marketing team produce and update content within the pages of their website. This additional feature of provides in-context website management, allows content teams to reuse items across their websites, and ensures all content fits every webpage.

The main thing that exceeded everyone’s expectations is how well everything is integrated and plays together. The teams are now able to create new brochures containing information and products from the website with just a few clicks. Content can be easily reused on social media, the Hartlauer website, and other channels.

Upon reviewing their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Hartlauer realized that they’d achieved excellent results, including:

  • 30% increase in revenue
  • 50% more visits on the webshop
  • 25% increase in the average basket size
  • 60% more user registrations on the webshop
  • 30% increase in revenue

  • 60% more user registrations

  • integrated with Salesforce

    and other best-of-breed tools

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Through the extensive omnichannel commerce project, Hartlauer is transporting its well-known top customer service into the digital world. We can optimally complement our range of existing stores and have thus created the basis for intensifying and strengthening existing customer relationships. At the same time, we have significantly more opportunities to build new customer relationships.
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Florian Freidhager, Head Of Digital, Hartlauer Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.


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