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Income is Singapore’s leading composite insurer, offering products and services that serve the protection, savings and investment needs of different life stages and for all segments of society. At Kontent Horizons 2021 conference, Angeline Oh, Senior Executive, Brand & Digital Marketing at Income and Yang Xian Ping, Senior Project Manager at Convertium shared insights on Income’s digital transformation journey. Transitioning from a traditional CMS to on an organization-wide level was a key part of their wider transformation directive. Here is their story. 


  • Repetitive and manual work related to organizational silos
  • Difficulty updating content efficiently across different channels 
  • Keeping content consistent and compliant 


  • A flexible way for authors to manage content within a well-designed content model
  • Organization-wide education on the benefits of a headless CMS
  • User roles and defined workflows that keep content consistent and governed


  • Improved efficiency and collaboration across a large organization 
  • A flexible front-end design for authors using the platform
  • Seamless and consistent customer experiences across all touchpoints


Leading insurance provider Income successfully transitioned to the modular content platform to drive content ownership and flexibility. In doing so, they improved the quality and consistency of their content across channels to ultimately improve the customer experience at every touchpoint. 

The Challenge

With a digital transformation vision set, Income pinpointed specific challenges that could be solved with a headless approach. A key focus was to break down silos and eliminate the need for repetitive and manual copy updates.

Fulfilling different stakeholders’ content requirements more efficiently was also something to solve. Listening to and evaluating these needs ensured the right content model was designed from the start. This process, combined with team-wide education early on, supported the necessary organizational mind shift. “Ensuring a smooth transition from a traditional CMS to headless CMS started with education. This was really important for us, as educating the end-users about the platform and providing them with the right resources to familiarize themselves would be essential for them in the long run,” shared Angeline.

For an insurance provider like Income, user roles and approval workflows were also critical to get right. The team not only needed to streamline content creation across the organization but also be compliant as a regulated financial institution.

The Solution

According to Xian Ping, a positive user experience played a big role in designing the right solution: “It was about marrying a user-first design approach with a modern and scalable website architecture that prepares Income for the future.”

The resources and tutorials helped the team get up to speed, giving them a good foundation to work from. Training sessions paired with hands-on learning was the right combination to empower their users. “Many users were able to better understand the benefits of headless CMS when they experienced the ease of collaborating first-hand, as well as how fast it was to make content changes,” said Angeline.

Now, managing content updates can be done in real time, and information across different platforms is consistent. has allowed teams to streamline their processes across channels, including the website and mobile application. 

Consistent, governed information is especially important in the insurance business. “At the end of the day, we are a financial institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We have to make sure that the appropriate workflows and controls are in place so that the content remains up-to-date and accurate,” said Angeline. With specific roles and approval steps determining the type of actions each user can take, there are now clear processes in place for everyone.


For Income to be successful, it was key for them to drive a culture and mindset transformation and support teams with optimized processes and the right infrastructure.

With, Income has decoupled the relationship between content authoring and content delivery to future-proof the website architecture and restructure content easily whenever it's required using APIs. By transitioning to the content platform across the organization, Income serves their wider digital transformation goals to ultimately improve the customer experience.

Watch the full talk from Income & Convertium, “Transitioning a large organization from Traditional CMS to Headless CMS” from the 2021 Kontent Horizons conference.

Angeline Oh

One of the biggest benefits of a headless CMS is how easy and fast it has made content management, allowing many stakeholders to improve their efficiency and collaboration across a large organization. With, we’re able to create seamless and consistent experiences across various touchpoints, while leaving the front-end design flexible to our users.

Angeline OhSenior Executive, Brand & Digital Marketing, Income

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