JetSmart Airlines

Modernizing the airline’s website to expand into new markets

JetSmart Airlines was expanding their operations to new countries throughout South America and needed a content management system that could localize their content for each location and support an omnichannel experience for their increasingly mobile customer base. They chose to simplify the translation process and free their development team to create a modern website that improves the traveler experience from the beginning of their booking process all the way through to when they board their flight.


  • Limited translation capabilities restricted expansions into new countries
  • 70% of traffic came from mobile devices, but their existing website was not optimized for this
  • Airline policies were not in travelers' preferred language, causing frustrating flight check-ins
  • Online promotions required employees to upload images outside of working hours


  • makes it simple for non-technical translators to create language versions for all content
  • Structured content integrates seamlessly into the new mobile-friendly website design
  • Boarding passes are generated in travelers' language of choice, in mobile and desktop versions
  • Promotions can be scheduled to go live on the JetSmart homepage


  • The JetSmart website now offers content and currencies across multiple languages
  • All website content translated to English in 2 weeks and Portuguese in only 1 week
  • Complete control over the design of their new mobile-friendly website
  • Travelers are better informed about airline policies and fees, leading to happier customers

JetSmart Airlines is a budget-friendly airline that serves multiple locations across five of South America’s largest countries. Founded in 2017, JetSmart has been gradually expanding the list of destinations they service, including new stops coming in Brazil and Colombia. To support this expansion, they need the ability to easily translate website content, booking information, and promotions into languages and currencies prominent in each new location. Additionally, the JetSmart team determined that roughly 70% of traffic to their homepage comes from mobile devices, making this a critical channel to optimize if they’re going to successfully reach customers in these new countries.

The challenge of JetSmart's previous CMS

JetSmart’s previous content management system lacked modern content translation capabilities which significantly limited their ability to drive online bookings in countries where Spanish wasn’t the primary language. Their previous systems also offered little mobile support, requiring the team to design a new mobile-friendly homepage to optimize the experience for the large number of mobile visitors. This design would require a content management system flexible enough to deliver their content without hindering the display, regardless of the viewing device.

Additionally, JetSmart’s business model introduces new concepts to many South American travelers—particularly, that the airline charges passengers for luggage in order to keep their base prices low for all customers. This often leads to an unpleasant airport experience, for both travelers and JetSmart employees, as many customers arrive with luggage they weren’t expecting to pay for.

The benefit of's inutitive UI

JetSmart selected to provide an easy-to-use authoring environment that produces clean, structured content to be exported for translation to any language. This SaaS-based solution makes all content accessible to the JetSmart team, with new members able to begin updating content within days. Online promotions are easier to manage as well, as images relating to each promotion are now being managed right alongside the content. Content and images can be scheduled to go live when promotions begin and can be replaced with new promotions whenever necessary.

Boarding passes are also being generated for each traveler directly from the JetSmart content repository. Each boarding pass is produced in the language the customer used to book their flight and includes detailed information about luggage policies to avoid frustrating surprises while at the airport. Promotions from the JetSmart homepage can be reused on each boarding pass, opening up new revenue opportunities through future purchases and upgrades. Customers can print a desktop-ready version of their pass, or access it from their mobile device as the content conforms to whichever channel they prefer.

Localized experiences improve customer satisfaction

Shortly after getting started with, the JetSmart team provided their website content to translators in its original language. The portions of the website were translated to English within two weeks, while the Portuguese translations took only one week to complete. Developers at JetSmart’s partner agency, Retargeting, now have complete control over these parts of the site as structured content is delivered via API to ensure it fits smoothly into their new design across all viewing devices.

JetSmart improves CX with Kontent by Kentico headless CMS

Travelers throughout South America now have a great new low-cost airline that delivers an excellent online experience on any device. Promotions and “need to know” booking information are available in the language and currency of their choice. The airport experience is improved as well, with both customers and airport personnel benefitting from more knowledgeable travelers whose boarding passes contain all the information they need for a smooth booking process and flight. enabled us to create a localized mobile experience that simply wasn’t possible with our previous content management system. We were able to translate our website content into additional languages in only two weeks and are now generating both printable and mobile versions of our boarding passes straight from the CMS.

Aylin UbillaHead of Digital Conversions, JetSmart Airlines

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