Leo Express

Serving content to 1.5 million passengers

Cooperating with Flixbus and Westbahn, Leo Express is dedicated to providing exceptional train and bus transport services. Their new website and mobile applications needed to reflect the brand and its strategy—to be fresh, modern, and user-friendly. 

Managing all content from a single place

Leo Express commissioned digital agency SYMBIO to choose a technology that would meet the needs of their project. The main requirement was that the content management system (CMS) had to have the ability to manage content for all of their channels from a single place.

Their previous CMS platform, Adobe Experience Manager, was becoming too expensive to continue using due to the tech stack requiring more development time for even the simplest of features, and constant time spent with ongoing maintenance efforts to keep the systems running. 

SYMBIO decided to use Kontent.ai due to its flexibility and unlimited front-end possibilities. SYMBIO loved the concept of templates and blocks, especially the ability to insert modular content into a rich text environment.

They hosted the website on Heroku and used React to enable server-side rendering. The server part is written in Node.js, and Next.js was used for the server-side rendering. The mobile applications were built in React Native for Android and iOS. SYMBIO also created their own GraphQL server, powered by Apollo, that combines the Leo Express API and Kontent.ai Delivery API.

A consistent user experience across channels

To ensure the right content would be delivered to all countries that Leo Express operates in, the project was translated into six languages and the content inventory consisted of over 1,000 content items. In just two weeks, SYMBIO delivered an omnichannel website and mobile app, localized into 6 languages. 

When Leo Express started using Kontent.ai to maintain all their content, they soon realized that using a template and content blocks will solve not only keeping all of their content in one place and delivering it easily to different channels, but it will also help them to rethink how they structure their content to get the most out of it. Leo Express is now able to offer passengers a fresh and consistent user experience while keeping all their content in one place. Passengers can now quickly obtain information about all connections and services, plus book and buy tickets, as well as read relevant news and articles. 

At Leo Express we are really happy working with Kontent.ai. The platform allows for fast and intuitive management of all of our digital channels. The modular system is easy to update and user-friendly for our team members, who can simply share ideas and contribute to particular sections.

Stanislava ŠremrováHead of Marketing, Leo Express

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