My Mirror.

A market-defining telehealth application focused on helping to address mental illness in Australia.

Devotion was approached by My Mirror, a telehealth startup, in late 2019. Their goal was to provide a mental telehealth service for all Australians. Mental health is a global issue, with 1 in 5 Australians aged 16 - 85 experiencing mental illness in any year. At an annual cost of over $60 billion, it’s a crisis that needed to be addressed—and fast.

The My Mirror team wanted to remove some of the existing barriers to obtaining mental health services by developing an online service that was easy to use, affordable, and accessible. It needed to remove some of the stigma associated with visiting a psychologist and help reduce the 54% of people in Australia that suffer from a mental illness and do not currently access any form of treatment.

by Devotion


  • My Mirror wanted to develop a mental telehealth service that was easy to use, affordable, and accessible.
  • The platform needed to eliminate geographical, financial, and time-related accessibility barriers to seeking therapy.
  • The final solution had to cater to three different audiences—patients, psychologists, and GPs.


  • The microservices architecture ensures a seamless and frictionless user experience for the specific audience groups.
  • was integrated with best-of-breed services such as Twilio, Cronofy, Algolia, Stripe, and SendGrid.
  • A simple and configurable content model enables fast web page creation and scalability.


  •, at the core of the complex architecture, handles all content-related requirements.
  • The platform provides Australians with 21-hour a day access to registered psychologists from wherever they want.
  • The telehealth service helps Australians be more productive and become happier within themselves.


My Mirror launched in 2020 as an online mental telehealth service, offering stepped-care psychology services to all Australians. The platform sought to eliminate most geographical, financial, and time-related accessibility barriers to seeking therapy by providing Australians with 21-hour a day access to registered online psychologists from wherever they want—using their own device.

The platform needed to consider what the government required in order to provide a rebate on the service from Medicare—and how best to communicate that to the patient, making the booking of the most relevant psychologist as seamless as possible.

The Challenge

A significant challenge for this project was the necessity of catering to three very different audiences. While they rely on each other for the telehealth service to work, the needs of patients, psychologists, and GPs are unique.

Patients needed to immediately grasp the My Mirror ʻtalk therapyʼ proposition, find a psychologist, schedule and manage a session, and engage in post-booking activity, such as examining their session notes. The treating psychologists first have to register on the platform, manage their availability (as part of the ‘gig economy’) and bookings, as well as produce and review session notes, whether they are the resident psychologist or not. GPs need to receive correspondence from the treating psychologists, issue referrals, and provide Mental Health Care Plans.

On top of the customer experience challenges, the processing of rebates for telehealth required significant logic, as did payments to psychologists. A complex architecture of services was needed, with at the core, handling all content-related requirements.

The Solution

Devotion assessed the audience’s requirements and determined that creating audience-specific user journeys was the best line of action. Three contextually relevant ‘entry’ pages were designed: one for patients, one for psychologists, and one for general practitioners. While a single login function served all three audiences, the account creation process was unique, with the ability to switch between audience groups, if required.

The solution used a microservices architecture, ensuring best-of-breed services for all essential functions. The authoring experience was powered by, which allowed My Mirror to focus on what they wanted to say and how they wanted to say it without having to worry about how the pages would look. This challenge had been addressed upfront by crafting a seamless and frictionless user experience for the specific audience groups. was integrated with the following platforms:

  • Twilio for audio, video, chat, and sending SMSs
  • Cronofy to link psychologists’ calendars and display available time slots to book appointments by patients
  • Algolia for search
  • Stripe for payment processing
  • SendGrid for sending email messages

Though still only in MVP (Minimum Viable Product)—and therefore with a lot more enhancements and functionality to be built—the site already works with complex rules, including:

  • Two psychologist types for patients to choose from, which affects the cost of the session
  • Patients on a medical healthcare plan and their eligibility for Medicare rebates are determined by the distance between their chosen psychologist(s) and their home address
  • Invoicing workflows: psychologist rates are calculated based on the number of sessions per month (including cancellations if the cancellations were made within 24 hours of the booking), the time/day those sessions were held, and their psychologist type


With the launch of My Mirror, Australians have been provided a readily available telehealth service to help build their psychological resilience, develop stronger relationships, be more productive, and become happier within themselves.

Some key results include:

  • 40+ psychologists registered in the first week
  • 8 weeks core development time to meet the market need (bushfires and COVID-19)
  • A simple and configurable content model that enables fast web page creation and scalability
  • Strong media backing and engagement
  • Positive psychologist feedback
  • Microservices architecture

    with best-of-breed services

  • 21-hour a day access

    to registered online psychologists

  • 8 weeks

    core development time


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