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Trusted Choice.

Faster project delivery and greater ROI.

Based in Minneapolis, USA, Trusted Choice  is a brand that highlights the strengths of independent insurance agents. They needed to find a new digital platform that would allow their team to easily maintain content and provide visitors with clear contact forms and important information.  

If you want to make a change to your website functionality, or want to react to changes in the market quickly, itʼs important that your content management system is designed to allow you to do that. Trusted Choice wanted a content management system that would allow them to save time and money, in order to invest more into new projects and communicate better with their clients. 

Content management with ease 

Trusted Choice fell in love with Kontent.aiʼs modular content approach, which enables them to edit small pieces of content separately. Within taxonomy, they are able to group content based on thematic characteristics (e.g. state of origin), and content type snippets for SEO metadata and codes of insurance. Built-in discussion tools, as well as the possibility to integrate guidelines for content authors, made Kontent.aiʼs flexible workflow features interactive and clear.

The technology stack for trustedchoice.com included:

  • Spring Boot for web application level utilizing Java SDK
  • Redis for caching; in combination with webhooks 
  • Thymeleaf - Java template engine 
  • Angular
  • Amazon hosting 

Less hassle for developers 

Previously, Trusted Choice used Adobe Experience Manager as their content management system. Over time they realized that they couldn't scale as they needed too with the sheer expense of the system. Not only that, developers found it challenging to work with the technology stack, spending a lot of time on the simplest of features and constant ongoing maintenance to keep the systems running. With Kontent.ai, not only have they found they can develop faster, but also invest in the areas that make the greatest impact.

Trusted Choice scales operations with Kontent by Kentico
Trusted Choice scales operations with Kontent by Kentico

Results in weeks instead of months

With Kontent.ai, the development, UX, and content teams can now focus better on their own work. “We were able to add features that would take months with Adobe Experience Manager in a couple of weeks with Kontent.ai,” said Adam Weigold, VP Engineering & Chief Architect at Trusted Choice. A win for both technical development, and the business. In comparison to Adobe Experience Manager, the overall process of preparation, development, and content creation was ten times more efficient with Kontent.ai. And the same was true in terms of website upgrades, creating templates, and implementing new features. 

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Kontent.ai, in comparison with our previous vendor, has allowed us to increase the development speed of new features ten times. This is largely due to the power it provides as a headless CMS allowing our developers to work in the toolsets and frameworks of their choice, and the simplicity of allowing our content team to focus on what they do best, ‘content’.
Adam Weigold portrait

Adam Weigold, VP Engineering & Chief Architect, Trusted Choice

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