Content design

Content design is a user-centered, goal-focused approach to the development of content items. The design of content items includes messages, narratives, data and information, and visual communication elements. Content design determines what are required elements that must be covered that audiences view, and arranges these elements in an optimal way in order to satisfy user needs (e.g., distinguishing major and minor points, the best sequencing of steps, etc.). The specification or selection of a relevant content type is an important step in the design of content, since the content type provides the basic structure specifying what content elements are needed to address a given purpose. The design of content items is a separate task from the design of the user interfaces. A user interface design will influence the visual presentation of many content items. And the visual presentation of a content item may be rendered differently by different user interface designs. 

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Content type

A content type is a managed, reusable structure for creating and delivering content relating to a specific purpose.

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