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A modular content platform powers quick and easy omnichannel publishing of the content your audience is looking for. Engage with fans wherever they are, using 

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Power a fan-centric organization

Fans are changing the ways they engage with their favorite teams. They expect content available on all their devices, at all times. helps organizations meet the changing expectations of their audiences and provide unforgettable sporting experiences.

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    Give fans what they want

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    Support multiple organizations from a single platform

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    Empower marketers to create great content

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    Build with a modern tech stack

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Customer Success

Increasing organic visibility by 300%

England Hockey uses Collections in to run 8 distinct sites for each of their separate administrative regions. Each site has a distinct look and feel, with separate content editors. And all sites run from a single project, sharing configurations and content models, which saves significant time and IT overhead.  SEO improvements, enabled by, have increased organic traffic by 300%.

Chosen by winning brands

Tackling content challenges for sports organizations helps sports organizations:

  • Increase fan engagement with relevant, timely, omnichannel content
  • Drive sales with simplified ticket purchasing and headless commerce for merchandise
  • Deliver one-of-a-kind sporting experiences supported by a modern tech stack
  • Govern content operations at local, regional, national and global levels from a single platform
  • Reduce IT costs and overhead while increasing time-to-market

Fan expectations continue to evolve, and organizations need to have the right platform in place to put out content that’s a homerun with their audience. As a modular content platform, gives sports organizations the power and adaptability they need to keep fans engaged.

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