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Managing data capture forms is challenging. GatedContent.com makes it easy.

GatedContent.com provides smart web forms for marketing teams that work seamlessly with your Kontent.ai powered web experiences.

This simple-to-use self-serve solution helps marketers quickly build contact forms and content gates within their digital campaigns. GatedContent.com is built for a global scale and integrates with all Marketing Automation, CRMs, CDPs, and Data platforms.

Why Kontent.ai and GatedContent.com work together

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    Best of both worlds

    Deploy a best-of-breed Headless CMS with best-of-breed lead capture forms. Kontent.ai and GatedContent.com are both built for scale, data governance, and performance.

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    Operational agility for teams

    GatedContent.com provides a simple way to create and deploy lead-generation strategies that don’t require technical skills to implement. With tools and workflows that help you deploy lead forms in no time, you can quickly test and deploy any number of lead capture forms.

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    Strong data governance

    Collecting, managing, securing, storing, and analyzing your data has never been easier. What’s more, GatedContent.com allows you to set up field mapping and pre-population, as well as browser caching and field values.

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