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Ocula is a rapidly growing SaaS business that helps clients transform their e-commerce performance by leveling the AI playing field with their most advanced competitors.

Why and Ocula Technologies work together

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    Compare and contrast across locales​

    Understand how your content, such as images, titles, and descriptions on your website, stack up against those on other websites and markets.

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    Confirm WCAG AA standards

    Paired with’s headless CMS, Ocula Technologies helps you understand how well you meet WCAG AA standards and what needs fixing the most.

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    Ensure site speed optimization​

    Make sure your site load speed is optimized to avoid high bounce rates, check how you compare to competitors, and identify the key areas that need improvement.

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A great CMS is the cornerstone of e-commerce, so we are excited to partner with In doing so, we can now equip clients with the AI-powered insights AND operations they need to serve world-class content and outperform competition.

Thomas McKenna, CEO & Co-Founder, Ocula Technologies

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