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Enable marketers, free up developers, and seamlessly localize content

The + Phrase integration makes it easy to publish multilingual content across all your channels and customer touchpoints.

Automate, manage, and track translation projects from within, and give linguists all the resources they need to produce the highest quality translations.

Why and Phrase TMS work together

Connecting and Phrase creates an automated and scalable translation process. Simply flag articles for translation, or let Phrase detect new content to have your translations flow seamlessly through the translation process. The integration is plug & play and does not require any developer support, so marketers can concentrate on content, and developers can focus on making it look great on every channel. 

Easily manage multilingual content creation

The + Phrase integration enables content managers, developers, and translators to easily collaborate and publish localized, tailored content on any channel. The whole translation process can be managed from within, so content managers can publish content without developer support. 

Streamline the translation process

The integration recognizes content that needs translation and automatically launches a translation project in Phrase. Translation projects will seamlessly flow through custom, automated workflow steps, eliminating tasks like copy and paste and manual translation project setup.

Translate efficiently

You’ll never have to translate the same words or phrases twice. Phrase stores past translations and automatically reuses them, making sure your content stays consistent without wasting time or money.

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