Create personalized experiences using Uniform and Kontent

Personalization aims to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to accomplish their intent. With Uniform, you can build up a real-time intent profile for each of your visitors and use it to make personalization decisions.

How Kontent and Uniform work together

In Uniform, you define the intents that your visitors might have while accessing your application, as well as the signals that contribute to those intents. You are then able to simply mark different parts of your content with those intents in Kontent, and your application will automatically track visitors and serve personalized content to them based on their behavior. It’s personalization made easy!

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Kontent Uniform integration
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    Unlimited real-time personalization

    Uniform provides an extensive list of conditions you can use as triggers for personalization—device characteristics, inbound marketing campaign, and location, to name a few. On top of that, it leverages the visitor activity observed during the visitor’s session, in real-time. 

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    Streamlined configuration

    Uniform utilizes a simple Kontent extension that allows content editors to easily create different content variants for specific visitors directly in Kontent.

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    The front end of your choice

    Uniform allows you to use personalization with your favorite front-end technology, including Next.js, Nuxt, or Gatsby.

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