Create online experiences at the speed of your business

A CMS that frees you to build content and landing pages for every channel, without IT environment.

Build content and landing pages in minutes.

Kontent provides the planning, authoring, and delivery tools needed to produce content for any channel—without requiring help from developers. As a true Software-as-a-Service solution, your team can build, experiment, and update as needed and without delays.

  • Create content with ease
    Create content with ease

    The Kontent authoring experience caters to every user, providing guidelines and context for each content type, and displaying only the fields each user is intended to see. Simultaneous editing allows multiple team members to edit the same content item without worrying about impacting each other's work.

  • Manage websites in-context
    Manage websites in-context

    Web Spotlight lets you manage your content and page components within the context of your website. Even better, all the content remains free to be reused across other websites, channels, or campaigns.

  • Stay on track
    Stay on track

    The editorial calendar lets you map projects and campaigns to the content needed to execute those initiatives. With real-time updates, you’ll always know where everything stands and will be prepared to identify risks and avoid delays.

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Reach more customers.

  • Localize content for every region
  • Reach customers on all devices
  • Deliver relevant content
  • Control the experience for your customers
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Kentico Kontent simplifies and delivers. We can plan, create, and distribute the content we need for different personas with ease. The robust headless CMS capabilities and integrations allow us to execute and adapt our content strategy to ensure we are producing content our customers want, need, and love.
Yvette Hastings, Director of Content Strategy, Kentico
Yvette Hastings

Engage with your customers wherever they are.

Modular content ensures your message looks great on any device and can be easily reused across websites, campaigns, and any digital display.

  • Meet them on their device
    Meet them on their device

    Content is produced independent of any presentation, freeing content teams from restrictive formatting and templates that were designed for a single channel. This means all your content fits any design, channel or viewing device.

  • Reach a global audience
    Reach a global audience

    Structured content simplifies the localization process as each field is clearly defined, allowing portions of content to be easily included or excluded from any translation project. Custom workflows streamline this process by triggering an export to your favorite translation service.

  • Personalize the journey
    Personalize the journey

    The flexible content and taxonomy model lets you cater the experience to where each of your customers are in their journey. Test messaging for different segments. choose contextually relevant CTAs, or display different page elements to offer the most engaging experience every time.

We’re thrilled with the way Kontent helps us reduce the cycle time of our solutions, increase velocity of our production, while still giving us the flexibility we need to meet a wide variety of technical requirements to retrieve content.

Wesley McChristian, Kentico Practice Director, American Eagle

Harness your content operations.

User roles, workflow, and project management features give you full control over what gets published and when, leading to higher quality content and consistency across all of your channels.

  • Maximize team strengths
    Maximize team strengths

    Simultaneous Editing and built-in collaboration features let your content team work hand-in-hand with subject matter experts. Then content reviews offer stakeholders the chance to provide feedback and refine messaging without impacting delivery dates.

  • Improve consistency
    Improve consistency

    Content items can be reused across any of your websites, channels or campaigns, ensuring consistency and reducing content duplication.

  • Scale with control
    Scale with control

    Kontent was designed to support the needs of large enterprises, while providing the governance tools you need to stay in control as your content volume and number of contributors increase.

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Content Marketing.

  • Plan your content
  • Collaborate across your business
  • Ensure quality and compliance
  • Analyze content performance
  • Optimize for best results
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