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It’s all about content

In Kentico Kontent, everything is focused on one thing: helping you create great content. Enjoy the distraction-free writing experience that lets you get in the flow. Or invite your coworkers and get creative!

Planning feature

Stop copy-pasting.

Start collaborating.

Do you create content in Word or Google Docs, share revisions by email, and copy-paste it into a CMS? Those times are over! Collaborate on your content in a single solution and make sure that everybody works on the latest version.

Invite friends to help you

Review and comment

Suggest changes

Planning feature

Order vs. chaos


Spreadsheet is a great tool. But not for managing your content process. Kentico Kontent combines content and process in a single solution, so you always have up-to-date information about your content throughout its lifecycle.

Define your own workflow

Know the status at any time

Plan your content

Planning feature

Future-proof your content. Be ready for anything.

Organize your content with taxonomies

Reuse existing content

Define your content model

Release feature

Deliver consistent experience across channels.

Create content once and reuse it on your website, online store, mobile app, social media, chatbot, and any other channel.

Regain control over your content Article Chatbot Mobile App Twitter Website Online store Voice assistant
Analyzing and personalizing features

Get more out of your content.

  • <h3>Analyze</h3>


    Gain new insights into your content performance.

  • <h3>Experiment</h3>


    Conduct A/B testing.

  • <h3>Personalize</h3>


    Personalize your content.

  • <h3>Recommend</h3>


    Recommend relevant content.

Writing features

Speak any language.

With Kentico Kontent, you can translate your content into any number of languages and dialects. Need to use an external translation service? Use our API to connect to your translation services provider.

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Writing features

Preview your content.

See what your content will look like on your website before publishing.

Writing features

Unleash your creativity with components.

Need to build a landing page? Or just want to get more creative with your story? Combine text and components to create any experience.


Manage assets. Or bring your own DAM.

Upload your images, videos, and documents, organize them in folders and reuse them in your content. Need more advanced Digital Asset Management? Connect Kentico Kontent to Bynder or any other DAM solution.


Stop worrying, start writing.

With Kentico Kontent, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake or losing your content. We built a safe environment even for untrained users.

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Avoid overwriting

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24x7 support

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Recover previous versions

Integrate with your favorite tools.

Kentico Kontent provides powerful APIs and integration options, as well as many out-of-the-box integrations with other popular tools:

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