The MVP Program takes great pride in those members of our extended community that make significant contributions to our prospect, customers and tech community as a whole. This appointment is our way of celebrating key leaders, innovators, and supporters in the content management and technology space.

What Technology MVPs say about the program?

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Learn about the MVP Types:​

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    An individual considered a technical expert in their field, who actively participates in online and offline communities and programs, to share their knowledge, expertise, and educate developers, tech leaders, and other community members about the value of

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    An individual with a strong understanding of the modern technology landscape and how can help brands future-proof their digital strategy. They love to share their knowledge, are trusted voices in the industry, and are passionate about technology.

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    An individual that is a customer, a digital innovator, and a champion of our technology. They are able to share their expertise and learnings to prospects, customers and the wider industry about how other brands can achieve digital success.

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