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High Monkey
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


We help organizations use existing and new technologies wisely. We design, build, and implement MVC-based websites that are unique, distinct, and creative. We simplify complex information systems and make them easier to use. We focus on mobile and responsive design for handheld devices. We configure and MVC development best practices to deliver what YOU need. We also deliver the knowledge you need to manage the solutions we create.


Our experience has taught us a lot, here are a few fundamental truths we have discovered along the way... We help you stay focused on the people using technology so you don't waste your time and money. We aren't the right fit for everyone—but if you've had enough sugar coating and want results, give us a call. We are serious about our work, but also realize that a healthy sense of humor is essential to success. Choosing the right technology solution requires honesty (from us) and courage (from you). We strive to be your trusted advisor. It's that simple.

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