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  • Sparta, Wisconsin, USA

We provide expertise and experience like no other. As we expand our expertise and experience, it's only fitting to be a Partner. 

Kehren Development has the experience, expertise, history, and long-term commitment to our clients in assisting with the digital transformation from a traditional content management system to a headless, multi-channel content strategy.  We'll help you understand your content, transform your content into a model, then map your content into the system.  We'll apply the underlying infrastructure needed to support your needs for each channel you're working with. 

At Kehren Development, our focus is doing the right work, at the right time.  Contact us to find out how you can help you do the right work! 

Kehren Development creates web and software solutions.  They work with clients in multiple verticals including education, manufacturing, medical, retail, non-profit, and professional services. The company specializes in .NET development,, and Microsoft Azure. Kehren Development, founded in 2004, is a team of more than 8 developers, project managers, designers, support staff and contractors located in Sparta, WI.  

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