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  • Temecula, California, USA
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Toronto, Canada

Konabos consulting is an end-to-end CX service provider offering strategy, architecture, implementation and operational support for enterprise and mid-market organizations and agency partners. Our team features senior industry professionals and community builders who take pride in crafting superior CX solutions and equipping client and partner teams with the skills and advice they need to be successful.

The Konabos team has long been a fixture of the DXP space, winning multiple MVP awards for their work with top-tier enterprise platforms. We are excited to partner with Kontent.ai to bring its best-of-breed omnichannel Content Management capabilities to bear for our clients. 

Our approach is laser-focused on business results, always taking a strategy and outcome-first-oriented view to CX. We believe that our job as your CX partner is to be both a good steward of your DCX investment and a trusted advisor who'll always be proactive in bringing the very best industry-leading guidance to bear to drive business results.

Konabos is a global organization with offices in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and team members worldwide.

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