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  • Guildford, United Kingdom

We are Kyan. We believe technology works better when it’s powered by people.

Today, technology fuels business like never before. It turns a late-night click into a next day parcel. It empowers employees by connecting them with a career coach. It ensures customers can engage with a brand, service, or product, anytime, anywhere. It’s how we make sure our clients are ready for what’s next.

Technology is helping companies solve today’s greatest problems. But whatever the journey, we believe teamwork should always be the start.

From the moment a client walks through the door, it’s our mission to design, develop, and deploy an innovative, custom solution that’s right. So we work as one team with our clients, finding the answer together.

It’s why we’ve designed our processes around collaboration. It’s why we believe in inclusivity, not ‘them and us’. It’s why we believe professional also means personal. 

Because technology works better when it’s powered by people.

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