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  • Gent, Belgium
  • New York, USA

The Reference is a committed digital agency of 160+ creative thinkers, driven by knowledge and craftsmanship. It is characterized by a collaborative culture, in which its talented professionals leverage their expertise and creativity in every aspect of their work. It allows them to open up digital opportunities in numerous verticals and businesses. That's why A-brands and other market leaders have been considering them trusted advisors for many years. The agency’s services range from strategy over product to marketing.

Their national and international clients refer to them as a bunch of engaging and smart people focused on growing their client’s businesses. In everything they do, they aim to make a lasting impact. As creatives, strategic thinkers, and savvy technologists, they make their passion come to life in sustainable digital solutions.

What makes the agency distinctive as a partner is translated in their baseline “Together towards lasting momentum”. It gives meaning to what they consider valuable: what they do – they do it together. Together in collaboration with their clients and together as a team with a multi-disciplinary approach. They don’t focus on short-term success. They are all about long-term partnerships, keeping their eyes on the goal: creating added value that turns into achievements and success for their clients.

The Reference, part of Emakina Group, operates on a global level with offices in Ghent, Antwerp, and New York.

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